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Electric bike that actually sounds a little practical

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr Messy, May 11, 2012.

  1. Cant see it posted anywhere so...
    Could be good... Reasonable recharge time and 150km range makes it a possibly a half decent commuter.
    Still stick with my thou though :angel:.

    Source: http://www.theherald.com.au/news/lo...ed-up-riding-on-an-electric-bike/2552321.aspx

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  2. fark a 250 with that speed in electric isnt bad at all!!
  3. It would be an awesome little city commuter, but loses it appeal once outside the city
  4. the quiet thing freaks me a bit, had an elec scooter go by once, scared the shit outta me, heard absolutley nuthin as it came n went by.. not even that bee mer quite noise, nuthin!!
  5. The NSW government should support this by allowing rego and CTP to be free if you also own a bike more powerful (you can't ride two at once). Sydney city council could maybe let you park it on the footpath in the city...
  6. Yeah, sounds interesting.
  7. I don't get the 0-100 in 6 seconds, but almost as fast around a track as a 600 race bike?

    Also wondering what the range would be like if you are riding at night with high beams on etc.

    Is it standard 240v outlet for charging?
  8. Great tags!
    Yep, no noise. Imagine how many peds you'd clean up.
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  10. Not fast enough for a 600 equivalent imo. That said, cool approach to bikes.
  11. Its neat.. But it being quiet... And 150ks is not much of a range.. Ill pass
  12. Yeah the way i saw it interesting was the inner city stuff. Still, its progress right? After all the people asking questions about electric bikes its good to see some home grown stuff having a go at it.

    As i said though, ill stick with my thou :D.
  13. I dunno, I doubt I ever travel even close to 150km, longest trip is an hour round trip to the gfs, and that's only about 40kms or something. Of course, considering electric vehicles in the past, it'll probably be a gillion dollars
  14. because its electric, it most likely has "one gear" and the gearing is chosen on probably the best compromise of speed, acceleration and efficiency.
  15. 0-100 in six seconds, not good enough.
    plenty of cars can do that.
    in traffic that makes it a death trap.
  16. I've never been out accelerated at the lights by a car, when riding my VTR250 (which is a ~6s bike). The times that I've been passed it is often by 1L sports bikes after I change gears. I understand they were not WOT, but I assume they've been riding long enough that they know what "fast enough" is... I got owned by a dirt bike yesterday so I'm sure I need a bigger bike for safety purposes (~2009 F800ST, for purchase early next year ;) ).
  17. 5-6 seconds is fine to 100. It would be a good commuter bike but I wouldn't want one for the safety reasons - no noise and pedestrians will walk out in front of you etc. Also, what does it weigh? For the range of 150km you could have it weighing 200-220+ kilos which could explain the lacklustre acceleration
  18. If the purchase price is reasonable, I would be happy to buy one of these.

    I'm not completely convinced that loud pipes save lives.
  19. 5-6 seconds is pathetic. could not pay me to attempt traffic on that. how do you get away from cars when lanes merge. you won't make it against a v8 or a turbo.
    but more important perhaps would be the roll on acceleration, which is likely equally bad.

    it's a death trap