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Elections & stuff

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. Well it looks like we've voted in the Victorian Labor party for another 4 years but the most interesting thing I found looking at the figures for the electrate I live in is that out of 6 candidates the informal party finished 4th out polling the Greens & CEC.

    I'd love to know the break down of deliberate vs accidental informal votes, like how many did what I did & added an extra box to the ballot paper called "None of the above" and ticked that instead?

    I live in a "very" safe Labor seat so nothing I do will ever affect the outcome and the lack of any major works in the area reflects that fact.

    So anyway, what are your thoughts on the whole election thing??

  2. Simple - from someone that worked - by choice - at a polling booth for 14 1/2 hours yesterday, one of the most annoying things about counting votes is the ones that have either not filled it deliberately or written some inane crap like 'all pollies are bastards' etc across the ballot papers . Every vote counts and I'd wager that the ones who did the above are the ones who complain loudest about the situation. Fortunately there wasn't heaps of them

    The accidental informal votes I saw were few, often after close scrutiny and confirmation many of them could be included in the count.

    There's a list of informal votes contained in the breakdown of area votes in today's HS paper.
  3. The most annoying thing is being forced to vote.
  4. I know that, hence I was able to see that the Informal Party finished ahead of the Greens & CEC. I'd like to see a break down of accidental vs deliberate protest votes.

    If they ever do bring in non compulary voting I for one won't be voting unless my vote could make a difference but as it stands where the vote breakdown in my electrate is as follows;

    ALP 16,292
    Lib 3,955
    FFP 3,213
    Informal 2,279 <- (up by 300 votes on '02 with only 73% counted)
    Grn 1,860
    CEC 548

    I'm wasting my time even bothering to vote but if compulsary voting was dropped them maybe the ALP majority would drop closer to those of the other parties and make things more interesting.
  5. I agree!!!

    I don't really care who wins... It's a win/lose situation with all of them.
  6. So what is the alternative to being 'forced' to vote? Simple; the people who care or who have an axe to grind, vote. The people who don't care then spend the next 3 or 4 years whining about the government that they did nothing either to elect, or to prevent from coming to power..

    As I have noted before, if you didn't vote, or deliberately demeaned your constitutional right to vote by defacing the ballot paper, or adding an extra square, or by any means making the ballot paper informal, then you have observaer status only. Please refrain from further political comment until the next election when you will have the chance to remedy your previous contempt for the governing of the nation, or repeat your stupid mistake.....
  7. +1
    Nicely said.
  8. I have a mate who used to biatch and moan about the government etc..funny thing was he was not an Australian citizen, chose not to become one and did not vote!
    I got sick of him saying he couldn't make a difference, because he didn't even try to..........
    Moral is, if you want change, vote. At least you know you tried. It may not mean you vote in your party, but it may mean the power is more evenly spread, or they try harder in your electorate (ie capital works) next time.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. In the UK (where voting is optional), the government is typically elected with less than 50% of the possible vote. If you think that in a first past the post system that just over 30% of the vote can see you elected, then a government can be elected with a small fraction of the eligible vote.

    Having experienced both systems, I prefer this one. The 10minutes it took to go through the process (every 4yrs) is a small inconvenience. It doesn't matter that they're all the same, at least this way I can at least say I tried to make a difference.
  10. I don't mind that voting is compulsory. I live in a safe seat as well, and my vote meant nothing, but many seats are not so safe. Being such a lazy country, making voting optional wouldn't just stop those who don't care voting - it would stop those who do care but are typical lazy Australians voting. It only took me 5 minutes to vote, and if you didn't want to vote you just have to invalidate your ballot paper.

    One of my friends apparently accidentally made a donkey vote. He first ticked a box, instead of numbering them. Then he scribbled over the boxes, and put numbers next to them. He then wrote "sorry" on the ballot, but thinks he mispelt it. I had a good chortle at that.
  11. absolutely agree!
  12. I see a very distinct diference between not turning up to vote (If it was leagle) (Or just casting a blank ballot) and intentiaonaly defacing the ballot paper to identify that you think they are all crap.

    By not turning up you are saying you don't care, by defacing the ballot you are actally intentionaly saying I don't like the policies of either side.

    Does this give you any right to complain?
    You can definatly complain that niether side has anything to offer even if you didn't vote. But you can't complain that you don't agree with the current policies...

    For the record, I voted, and I didn't vote for either of the major parties. I am in a safe seat, so it wouldn't matter, but for me voting for the smaller parties is the better form of protest vote. (At least in a safe seat) because it may make them start to look at the shrinking marjine and realise there hold on power is in jepody.

    In the end, no matter who you vote for, a politician gets in.
  13. :LOL: Nah still counted in as a formal vote - but we do get a laff at what some people write on the papers when they're being counted...
  14. That's EXACTLY what people have to do. Vote for who you want in, and make the big parties sweat a little.
    And, don't vote party lines, take teh time to number all the candidates in your order of choice.
    This can have a surprising effect if the people who don't vote for major parties do it.
    I find voting a bit of an annoyance, but sending the message is worth it. I can put up with the inconvenience once in a blue moon.

    Regards, Andrew.

  15. I reckon it is more annoying to have to fill in census info.
  16. Now we are not forced to vote, we are asked to enroll if you do this then you will be in a contract to get your name crossed off and complete a ballot form. What you do with this form is up to you.

    And don't think voting for a minor party in a safe seat has no influence, there are upper and lower seats and the boundaries are not the same.

    + infinity to what hornet said!