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elCheapo leathers

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. please note, this is NOT an advertisement, it is a report

    As I somewhat derailed in Phil's "Who bought my leathers?" thread, being a renowned stinge, I went down the cheaper route when it came to purchasing my first set of leathers in over 30 years. I put my money down for this
    and pretty much exactly when the gentleman said they'd arrive, yesterday afternoon, they did. I haven't actually ridden in them yet, but I thought I'd start a product review post.

    After I placed my order the vendor emailed me a measurement chart in .pdf format. I entered the required measurements, (very detailed, I should add), and sent it back to him. He acknowledged receipt with an email stating that I could expect delivery in 7 - 10 business days.

    There was some discussion in the other thread about cheap Chinese products, but, as it turned out, and not very surprisingly, he was in Pakistan.

    Firstly and so far my only disappontment, I did ask for the highlight colour to be blue and when they arrived it was red, but with a blue bike and the predominately white leather colour it's going to be Honda works racing colours, so I'm not going to send them back and get it changed, even though he says on his web-site that you can. (He actually offers a complete refund if you're not happy as well). So, what do they look like?

    Well, exactly like the photo on eBay! Which is encouraging; his advertising is true to product in this respect. What do they fit like?

    I asked him to adjust for my wonky shoulder (broken collarbone, 2cms shorter between neck and shoulder on the left) and he did! The point of the shoulder is exacly correct both sides. There is adequate room for my substantial back protector (I asked him to take this into account in the measurements) and all over it fits right. My only tiny compliant is that the sleeve length could be 1 cm longer, but the sleeve is still well covered by my glove in the normal riding position.

    The trousers attach to the jacket by two different genuine YKK zippers (used all through the suit). There is an all-round zipper and a short 8" zipper; my understanding is that the all-round zipper makes the suit suitable (groan) for racing, while the shorter zipper allows for the jacket to be taken off more easily for road riding (?).

    There is internal armour at the usual spots, but I have removed the token foam back protector since I wear a quality one under all my jackets. The trousers feature a velcro pad for knee-sliders; needless to say these won't be needed in my case :LOL:

    Both the wrists and ankles have small but effective velcro strips for closure over the top of the zippers, and the neck has one the same. The waist closure is as you can see in the picture.

    I believe I have left enough room for me to be able to wear some warmer stuff under the suit, but I'll have a better idea when I've worn it this afternoon as the weather starts to head towards evening.

    Anyway, first impressions are good; for $290 I got exactly what I expected to in appearance and quality, and my expectations in terms of vendor feedback and his promises were what I had hoped for.

    When I've done a few rides, and when the suit has 'bedded in', I'll update....
  2. I'll be curious to hear how they go. I've been wearing the same Pakistani leathers since I started riding and apart from being thicker/less comfortable than the expensive stuff they've held up well.

    Might be interested in a new pair of pants though, my current ones seem to have mysteriously shrunk over the last 6 years :).
  3. The only thing i will say is that the knee armor they have given you is very far from the knee armor you get in a race suit made by any of the major brands that i have encountered while riding.

    The armor you have just protects your knee, most suits have armor that extends from the knee all the way down the shin to the point where a race boot starts (which protects the lower half of the shin). Seems to me you just got some knee padding off a roller blader.

    Other than that, seems decent for less then $300.
  4. Update, 'cos I said I would.

    I did my first ride in the leathers yesterday afternoon, and all was good, comfort-wise.

    Except, the sleeves definitely are too short, either I got my measurements wrong when I sent them or he misread them. However, when I contacted the vendor about getting them adjusted, his response was that they were custom-made for him to sell, and I would have to get that done locally. Fortunately I have a local guy who'll do the job for $70 but I would advise that if you buy make sure you get your measurements dead right before you send them.

    I'll have the jacket back next week and get some riding done and see how they bed in...

    With reference to the armour I'm not ever going to do a track day, and hopefully I'll keep the VFR upright on the road so the armour should be fine....
  5. So?

    How about an update?. please
  6. Some of this bloke's stuff looks good!

    An update would be awesome.
  7. Exactly the same suit that I've been considering!
    Thanks for being my guinea pig Hornet! (y)
  8. Well, an update.

    I've ridden in the leathers probably six times since I got the jacket back from having the sleeves lengthened. Most of the rides have been around 70 -100kms, with one of 130kms just this week.

    First thing I've noticed is that they are already starting to 'bed in'. The jacket is getting easier to attach to the pants, especially as I have attached a shoe-lace to the zipper piece to help with getting the zip around the back and back around to the front, if you know what I mean. Already it's easier than it was the first couple of times. The suit never was uncomfortable, being cut in the sitting down position anyway, but it's becoming more comfortable every ride.

    At the worst of the cold weather I wore it with a compression top and pants, a turtle-neck skivvy, knee warmers and long socks, with my back protector as well and while it was certainly 'snug' it was not too tight. And it WAS warmer than riding with the same gear under Draggins and my MotoDry winter jacket, with the winter liner.

    With the weather now warming up yesterday afternoon around 4 - 5pm I did a local loop with just a singlet and undies under it, plus the back protector. The suit didn't flap around, and was I surprisingly still quite warm. Whether this means that it's going to be stinking hot in summer, I won't know till summer, I guess.

    Perhaps the only concern at the moment is the predominantly white colour, which makes it a magnet for bugs (or perhaps they just show more :LOL:). Cleaning it after every ride is a small price to pay, anyway, I usually clean my helmet and give the front of the bike a quick clean-up too.

    So on balance, short of crashing in it, that's about as complete a picture as I can give at the moment. It's a cheap suit, but I suggest that it will do 70% of what a more expensive suit will do, you pays your money, you make your choice.

    (I'll get Mrs Hornet to take a couple of pics of me in it in the next few days and post them up, if your eyes can bear it :rofl:)
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  9. Cheers for that Hornet!

    I wonder if his Perrini items are knock offs or taken from the warehouse?

    Will buy from him for sure.
  10. What's the stitching like? Does it have hidden layers of stitching that won't get worn away if you go sliding down the road? Many cheap sets of leathers don't...
  11. For $290 they're not a bad looking set of leathers! I wouldn't be to concrned about where they are made, my RST leathers are made in Pakistan as well.
  12. Most leather 'goods' are made in Pakistan nowadays :)
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  13. Not sure if you were saying a general comment or commenting on my post (directly above yours).

    I agree that good leathers can come from Pakistan, etc (I think my Teknic jacket was made in Vietnam, and it's a nice sturdy jacket with hidden stitching, etc). It's all about the quality of the material, construction and workmanship.
  14. Looks good Paul, after watching some horrid LiveLeak videos yesterday I'm in one of my bi-polar moods for more serious gear, and this fellow's stuff looks good (well, the all-black, which is even cheaper - I couldn't stand wearing a multi-coloured race suit).
  15. Just a general comment.
  16. I think the Pakistanis make leather goods just to stick it up the Indians.
  17. How tight are the pants? I'd imagine it is a tighter track fit... I'm trying to figure out a way to measure so I can fit my work trousers underneath and for the bottom to fit over my boots.
  18. Actually, given the measurements I gave him, the trousers are quite generous, and not really 'race-track-skin-tight' like some are. I'm sure if you gave him your measurements taken with your work gear ON the suit would be made to those dimensions, the only thing is I think it would look pretty baggy if you wore it then WITHOUT the other gear underneath.
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  19. Asking Hornet how tight his leather pants are would have to warrant a nomination for "Wrongest Question of the Year". :p
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  20. OI, that's not appropriate matter for discussion in this forum :evil: :LOL: