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VIC Elapsed time cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by freddy, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Is this the latest revenue wonder from Vic roads?


    Sighted along the Noogee Mt Baw baw rd.
    I was privvy to a discussion between one of Victorias finest and the operators of the above device.
    Q. Is this an elapsed time device?
    A. Yes, is takes an image at the start and then at the finish and compares the time to what we know it takes if you adhere to the limit.
    Q. are you contractors for Vic roads?
    A. Yes.
    This raises the question, Is this an enforcement device or an innocent survey tool?
    Look out netriders!
  2. I'm willing to bet a survey tool that isn't innocent.

    No doubt they will use it to "enforce" the speed limit and eventually manipulate some statistics to give some lame ass reason as to why they need to:

    1) Lower the speed limit
    2) Increase fines and demerit points
    3) Run more blitzes & increase cameras
    4) Be wankers
    5) Ass r@pe bikers
    6) Be wankers

    Nuff said...
  3. Where's the other camera?

    How do they decide how long it takes a bike to get down a curvy road?? By definition bike lines are different from car lines so that's a different length and different time.

  4. I would assume they will draw a line in the centre of the lane all the way through the road to the other side and measure that as distance.

    However why not just ride as fast as you want, stop at a rest area to soak in the scenic views and then ride as fast as you want the rest of the way, or just ride fast and stop 500m from the last camera to take a breather for 10mins or however long it takes to do the run within the speed limit. Assuming there are picnic type areas along the way between the 2 cameras.
  5. Well your gonna be stuffed if you dont see the first one, Bet they have that well hidden,
    Permanent Point to point camera's wouldn't last long out there,

    They had them set up at Poowong last year when we went through,

    So, if you see one in future, Stop half a mile down the road from it and have a break.
  6. I think it's a money making tool.
  7. Why does everyone automatically assume that its a cash grab???? Maybe there have been many fatalities on that stretch of road, or there have been many many instances of riders/cagers breaking the speedlimit and endangering not only themselves but others as well.

    BWAHAHAHAHA - i may raise some valid points, but only trolling - I agree with most of you, I'm SICK and TIRED of these CASH GRABBING Council/Vicroad/Government departments!

    I'm all for sensible riding/caging, but the way that speed limits are starting to be enforced is ridiculous and outright dangerous, may save actual lives, but i bet if they've checked the records for low end speed collisions it would have increased TEN FOLD! Not to mention the increase of road rage as people stare at their speedometer's and try to decipher 50 speed and road signs in a 50m stretch of road rather than observer the road and surroundings ahead.
  8. Yep, I saw them on Sunday between Noogee and Willow Grove turn off.
    They also had 5 or six sets of speed strips between start and finish boxes?

    gathering data to confirm their speed hypothesis?
  9. Looks like the normal VicRoads traffic counter devices that have been posted here before, measures speed, time etc so they can work out traffic densities, travel times etc. Not used in any way for issuing offences even though it measures speed etc. Never seen or heard of them outside of suburban areas though.
  10. So is the limit back up to 100? I was up there recently & just the other side of Noojee heading to Baw Baw the limit was posted at 60.

    Seemed pretty stupid on a country road way out there.
  11. It would be based on the speed limit and the distance from point a to point b. "If a vehicle travels at [speed limit] over [distance], it must not take any less than [minutes]." So as long as you travel an average of x kph, then it will be deemed appropriate.

    Ok, I see what you were saying. As phongus said, they'll probably just take a line down the centre of the road. Or more specifically, drive a car from one point to the other and measure it. Though I'd be surprised if there was a significant distance delta for cars and bikes.
  13. Would love to go from one end to the other much quicker than allowed then stop for a cigarette/drink etc for about 15 minutes then casually ride past the ****heads
  14. I reckon it'd be every rider's duty to ride the road at exactly 80kph the whole way, and then when it came time to complain of the inappropriately low speed limit, then there's a strong case to be had there if everyone is able to keep to 80kph.

    If you go nuts, stop and rest, and your average speeds are clocking up as 40kph or whatever, then they'll feel completely justified in believing that 80kph is appropriate, or perhaps, it should be even lower...
  15. The problem with that theory is it doesn't apply on freeways, so I doubt it will anywhere else.
  16. I've thought about that a bit myself, Lilley - If speed limits are 'traditionally' based off of the 85th percentile speed of travel (i.e. 85% of people travel at that speed or slower) on that stretch of road, that's all very well, but if the penalty for exceeding the existing speed limit by 3kph is being drawn and quartered and having your mode of transport cubed, logically the 85th percentile speed will be continuously pushed downward by fear of cubing until the speed limit is eventually 0kph.
  17. On the flip side I honestly expect the speed limit on the newell highway to go back up after the election. Maybe im in a fantasy land, we'll see.
  18. These things sit on the ground? Doesn't that make them vulnerable to vandals?