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El Nino is back this summer!!1

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Unconnected, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. ...we won't know till it happens. Being from Melbourne I won't hold my breath...
  2. I'd rather have a wet(ish) summer than a drought. You fuckers need to not only learn how to ride in the rain but you need to embrace it and learn to enjoy it. It can be fun.
  3. So can having your balls crushed in a vice. But not always for everyone.
  4. I have the next 3 weeks off and was hoping to get plenty of riding in. I hope all this rainy weather pisses off !
  5. I'd prefer not to drink my own urine if that's OK with you lot, and the way this winter's rainfall over here is shaping up, it's looking like I might have to.
  6. Drink some VB to get used to the taste Pat.
    Then top up a battery with the left overs.

    Give me those summer storms and showers, rolling thunder and all.
    I love em :D
  7. If it's good enough for Bear Grylls it's good enough for you :)
  8. So where do you lot expect to get your milk, meat, fruit and veg from???

  9. I've tried it and whilst it's not in my top 20 worst experiences I still think I'll leave it to Bear :D.

    VB on the other hand.....Exactly what kind of depraved pervert do you think I am? :LOL:
  10. a) its the herald sun
    b) its from the meteorologists.

    When are either of the right???
  11. Meteorologists and the media have it easy these days. If they predict a drought and get it right they can act all smug about it.

    If they get it wrong they can just blame global warming...and act even more smug about it.
  12. The weather bureau been saying for months there's a drought on the way but all it keeps on doing is raining, even during months when its supposed to be dry.
  13. I don't know if I should ask this, but, how do you know that having your balls crushed in a vice can be fun?????
  14. I don't know how Lilley might know it, but there was a high profile court case in the UK ~20 years ago when assault prosecutions were brought against a group of people for (entirely consensual) S&M activities which included various testicular activities details of which, I have to admit, gave me lockjaw of the thighs but which the participants presumably enjoyed.

    IIRC the case collapsed in the face of widespread public ridicule and a surprisingly healthy national attitude that what consenting adults do to themselves or each other is no business of the authorities'.
  15. careful what you wish for...

    easy way to tell if its a hot summer is to watch the price of bottled water.

    though i say, bring it on

    been cold and wet and miserable for the past couple of years...
  16. I'm constantly bemused by the number of 'motorcyclists' in Australia who complain about riding when it's cold and or wet.

    Jeez, get yourselves some decent wet weather gear, a set of thermals and ride to the conditions. As I said, riding in the rain can be fun, if you're prepared for it and ride accordingly.
  17. I never used to mind riding in the rain but these days with my gradually increasing waistline and static length of arms I have trouble buying off the shelf riding gear to fit.

    Decent wet weather gear isn't really an option when you're buying custom made leathers because that's the only thing that fits properly!
  18. Without coming across as a rude arsehole, there isn't much I can say to that.
  19. I personally do not think it would be fun and as such do not think riding in the rain could be considered fun, but some people have all sorts of interesting auto-erotic practices. I would not put it past some. And in the same theme as patb, I've heard of reports of purposeful testicular contact to circular saws, golf ball cleaners... inevitably resulting in loss of testicle.