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El Newbie - S.E. Suburbs, Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jakey Flake, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Hiya all,

    After getting my learners way back in August, and spending over $1000 on gear soon after, (AND getting my P's in February), I finally picked up my bike last weekend, a 1996 Honda Hornet 250. It cost me $2.8k with roadworthy, (the roadworthy cost $750! Lucky me). Most money I've ever spent. It's in great condition for its age. It's all stock.

    I used to catch the train to uni, but after losing way too much of my sanity catching those pieces of shite, I decided to get into motorbike riding. It's been going great so far. Such an enjoyable way of commuting. I walk into uni more alert too.

    I'm just looking forward to getting involved with the biking community. Got a few head nods here and there, and I've always obliged. I'll also be looking for advice on top boxes too :p

    Thanks for reading guys. I'll catch you in some other threads, or maybe on the roads :D
  2. Welcome Jakey Flake, if you have time on a Saturday morning come down and introduce yourself at the Saturday Morning practice sessions in Elwood. Get some local road time in first if you aren't confident. Sticking your hand up in that thread will get you an escort down generally if you want.
  3. Honda Hornet, you say??

    Outstanding choice :applause:

    Welcome to Netrider.
  4. Hi and welcome,

    Second the advice to come to Saturday practice. Even if you're feeling pretty confident, it's still a great place to meet fellow NRs.

    Although even the experienced riders give the cones a go bc it's always good to brush up on skills.
  5. Thanks for the kind words! <3

    Sounds very interesting guys. You might just see me up there on Saturday. I've been doing a fair bit of highway riding since I got my baby, so getting to and from places isn't a problem.

    Oh hell yeah... It's absolutely bulletproof. My Mum let me take her 600 Hornet for a squirt around the estate once, (naughty naughty :devil:), and I just fit on it really well, (I'm about 1.89 metres tall), and loved the look. Found out there was a 250 version, and went from there.