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EL Customised Glove

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by CrayolaS7, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. I originally wanted to make a daft punk style helmet using electro-luminescent wire. Well the stuff I ordered (1m) was way too short and also way more pink than I wanted. I ordered a 2 metre length and in a different red, and still plan to make the helmet.

    Anyway, just for fun I made a sort of skeleton outline on the outside of my glove, just the right length for it. I guess I will have to buy yet another set to do the left
    hand.... Runs off 2xAAA batteries.

  2. That'll catch the cagers' attention. Oh and the riders' too, of course.
  3. cool stuff! I would love to do a bike in this stuff...perhaps I might haha. Where did you get it from?
  4. Looks kinda cool but perhaps do it in white ?
    How bright is it ? Does it give out much light or is it more of a soft glow ?

    If your planning on riding with them I reckon it'll catch the eye of Mr Plod. I'm not sure what the go is with coloured lights on the front of a vehicle [sure there's a thread about it] but I reckon pretty pink lights at the front might be a no-no :p

    If your looking like Tron going down the street your sure to be seen ^^
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  6. Oh yeah, got them from elec2go, I wouldn't normally spruike stuff but it's an aussie outfit and the service was great. Ordered them sunday night and they arrived tuesday morning Price was around $22+ $8 auspost express post. That included the little battery power unit. There are different types and HEAPS of colours, so yeah, I'd might try some different options. As for how bright it is, with AAA batteries it is brighter than a glowstick. Would definitely stand out at night, but not so much that it should cause a distraction. It wouldn't be any brighter than reflective clothing. Also mirkon, the regulations are all about lights on vehicles, they don't say anything about lights on your body to make the rider stand out :p

    Here is the link: http://www.elec2go.com.au/

    The reason I have pink rather than white, which would make more sense for skeleton, is that I wanted to go for this kind of look on my helmet, and only looked at the picture of it unilluminated.

  7. Daft punk styled helmet would be too epic! It would make you really stand out at night. However, is it illegal to modify a helmet?
  8. I think it is legal to stick stuff on it...but not cut it. So adding lights by just glueing them on should be deemed legal.
  9. hmmm, maybe if youre out alot after dark a thin red strip along the base on the back of the lid could work well...
  10. A fellow rider friend of mine had the idea that you could wire it to some sort of g-meter or button sensor so it only lights up when you brake, which would be insanely cool. As stated it is just stuck on to the helmet, not modifying it. I don't want to damage my finish so not even gluing it, just using clear plastic medical tape. A roll cost about $3 at the chemist It's obvs more expensive than cellotape but holds a whole lot better and it's more flexible. Also the adhesive is of way better quality so it doesn't mark the surface after you take it off. As for lights being of a distraction, afaik red on the rear face is okay and because this is phosphorescence it isn't anywhere near as bright as a lightbulb. I doubt you can ever see it behind my headlight from front on at night time. Edit: also behind any parts near the visor I'm going to back it with black electrical tape so it doesn't shine in my eyes.