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El Cheapo SD set top box

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Morbo28, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Hi all, I am looking for a cheapy Digital box, standard def. Actually the reason I want it is so I can watch the Formula 1 and the MotoGP at reasonable times. The F1 started at 9:50 last night on digital 10, but not til 11:30 on analogue...so I only saw the first 40 mins or so before I crashed.

    F!#% that, hook me up with some digi gear. Don't want a great one, just a stop gap til we buy an HD LCD :)

    They had a special on a Dick Smith Electronics one for $29, but are sold out and it's no longer made. There is a "Bush" brand one there for $49, but will also drop into JB on the way home so that might provide other choices. I might even buy one today.

    So do you know if there is a brand I should avoid or one that is good? (on the really low end of the market :) )
  2. :rofl: lucky I didn't mention a fuel cock...dammit! :D
  3. Sorry, don't have any suggestions for a box, but you could purchase a decent tv tuner card for around the same price and just set it to record.

    Each have their own pros and cons of course, but thought it might be an avenue you might not have thought of.
  4. Ch10 SD is a retransmission of their analogue service. Ch10 HD broadcasts seperate content.

    So an el cheapo SD box won't help.
  5. Dick smith have a HD tuner for $169. that's on a couple of cases of beer dearer than what you are looking at.
  6. Yeah ta for the suggestion. I have had an analogue one for a few years, but in this instance I wanna watch the race in bed on a real tele :LOL: :LOL:

    Oh, and my terabyte of storage is full, so I am trying to put off buying another network drive (or bite the bullet and start deleting things...ie episodes of Punky Brewster :LOL: ) so don't have the space to record atm.
  7. For the money you're outlaying just jump in :roll:

    I have a very low end USB tuner in the PC and although it works it's no where near as good as the 1080p tuner in my Panasonic plasma :LOL:

    A word of warning though. You'll never look at a video again :)
  8. truuueeee...but if I get a cheapy SD one instead I can afford a few cases of beer too... :LOL:

    It's only going into a SD CRT tele, so SD will do til we buy an HD LCD (will probly be built in with that).

    Perhaps I should have used more acronyms in that last sentence :?
  9. Still, it's only an SD CRT tele it'll ever connect to that's why I'm thinking a $50 one makes more sense than a $150+ for features I'll never use. As with yours, the tuners are often built into the HD LCDs.
  10. Morbo, you missed that Ch10 SD is a retransmission of analogue. You get to drink your beer, but it's still going to be later than Ch10 HD.
  11. Yes but you didn't pick up on what was said before - you needed the HD channel to get that broadcast early. SD was identical to the analogue broadcast.
  12. AAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh sorry!!! It all makes sense now :LOL:

    Right...so the person I asked was either lying or ill informed when he confirmed for me that the SD tuner could show simply an SD version of 10HD...okay.

    Well that changes things. It's obviously HD or nothing...

    So if I get an HD tuner and play it though an SD tv, it should sort out the dfnce in res, shouldn't it? I watch HD content from vid out on my mac through the TV, wit hthe res set way higher than the native TV res, and it just seems to deal with it. Will the HD box and SD TV setup do the same?
  13. HD tuna cards are dearer and you will wnat one for what you are truing to achieve! The issue I had with buying a tuner was that about a week later I got a widescreen TV as I hated the postbox effect.
  14. Lied or unintentionally misled...yes.

    SD boxes don't decode the HD stream (unless there's been a new development - unlikely). In the old days, some SD boxes could have a go at decoding the SBS HD stream, except SBS isn't even really HD (576p - DVD quality).

    Most HD boxes have a range of outputs as well as configurable options to select which resolution to output. You'd need to check the HD box you select, but I expect that you'd be able to watch HD output from an HD box on a standard TV.
  15. Phew...Netrider save the day again!! I'll have a look-see at JB on the way home and check em out. Cheers guys, many thanks!!! :cool: :grin: :grin:

    edit: all in 38 mins too :LOL:
  16. PS my mate just said:

  17. It's a pitty you weren't in the market for one a month ago....
    Aldi had HD set top boxes on special for $90.
  18. spewin' :?
  19. Most HD outputs do need a HD TV - a normal analogue TV (or purely SD digital TV) won't decode it you'll need to look for an STB that offers a "down converted" picture resolution of the HD TV signal.

    Not many of the cheaper ones will do that.
  20. Cheers TonyE - my tele is good at downsizing HD signals - I play media thorugh it on my Mac.

    Update - Bought a basic HD set top box from D1ck Smith Electronics- was 189 with three year warranty. DGTEC.

    Didn't shop around much in the end. It was after 4pm today when I realised that I hadn't bought one and the F1 is on tonight!!!! So wanged it down to DSE to pick one up beofre closing time.

    Works well, intuitive. Done.

    Cheers for your help!!!! :grin: