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El Bandito

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by pieces, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Got a Suzuki Bandit GSF250V today...

    cheap second hand bike in good nick, only 19,000k, 1999 model!

    new rear tyre, and some rego: golden.

    pleasure to ride for my 6'1" frame, will be bringing it to one of the learner sessions soon!

    any owners of these got some maintenance tips/warnings?

    from what I can gather it takes a HF-531 oil filter....


  2. Congrats mate ! Bike looks in good 'nick', (if I may say so myself :D)
    Enjoy the beast and safe, happy riding.
  3. That sounds familiar. I do know that the filter they use is unique to the 250 Bandits and Katanas. Ignore anyone who trys to tell you that a Suzuki Across filter will fit (they don't, I've tried)

    Other than that a great choice for a first bike and should be relatively trouble free if looked after. Electrics can get a little iffy with age (corrosion of switch contacts and connectors) but not really any worse than any other Japanese bike of the same age. You may also find yourself going through sparkplugs fairly readily but this is normal and due to the high revs of the motor - I reckon it's best to just stick with the cheap copper variety and change them often than stuff around with the expensive iridium types though (used to change mine every 5,000kms just to be safe).

    Rubber hoses are likely to be getting brittle and may crack if they're still the originals (which is quite likely). Have a look at the brake lines, fuel lines and radiator hoses and replace any that lack flexibility. The rubber seals on the front forks are worth checking too, as are the wheel and headstem bearings. Again though these are all things that you'd need to do on any '99 model bike.
  4. Aaawww cute, a baby bandit (y) Tidy looking ride
  5. thanks for the info... will get onto checking all that as I would like to keep it in its current condition
  6. Great bike to start on, started on exactly the same bike (currently for sale :p ). Very easy to get around on and looks lovely :)