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Eildon via Reefton and Black Spurs

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Ned, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Ride to Eildon monday 16 April.

    Hi guys,
    Seeing that I had such a great time doing Reefton Spur the other day, I'm making the most of my time off and doing it all again :wink:

    This'll be a fairly relaxed ride, winding up to Warburton for coffee then cruising up to Eildon for lunch, returning to Healesville via Black Spur.

    Meet point: 7/11 corner Stud/Wellington Rds Rowville. Full tanks please.
    Time: 9-15am for 9-30am leave.
    Morning tea: Warburton.
    Lunch/fuel: Eildon.
    Ride end: Healesville.

    Intended route: http://g.co/maps/ye8wg
    All welcome.... :biker:
  2. Dang ive gotta work. Sounds like a blast. Enjoy.
  3. when I'm more confident I'll definitely be tagging along! Until then I will slow you down wayyy too much
  4. LOL.

    Maybe you and I should go together!
  5. It's no drama if I (or anyone) has to wait for slower riders, at least you'd be out there giving it a go and midweek is a great time for that. Remember: "This'll be a fairly relaxed ride"

    Give it some thought, glad to have you along, you too MrBling :wink:

    Maybe next time Smitizen...
  6. well i have all of next week off... forced annual leave.

    got my l plates on friday though ned, rode my first ever bike on wednesday this week so im about as green as they come. but hey, if youre happy to wait up every now and then, then im deadly keen to come along!

    havent been through that area since black saturday.
  7. What better way to spend your annual leave, on a bike!! As long as you can hold the bike up and get around the corners, it doesn't matter how slow you go, it's about enjoying the ride. I'm more than happy to wait, not a problem.

    See you in the morning....
  8. Damn, I have the gearbox out of my Effie on the ground, and I need my truck Tuesday,

    Have a good ride,
  9. I would come, but I think I want to graduate myself for the quicker paced rides now.
    However, maybe I should stay on the relaxed paced rides for a while, don't want to go loosing my license!
    in any case, I won't be coming on this ride due to my budget being rather tight this week.
    have fun!!
  10. ill tag along for pert of this but have too work later
  11. If your slower than a two smoke wait, We come back looking for you,
  12. Backtracking wasn't necessary:)
  13. great ride thanks guys
  14. Arriving at the meet point and the weather looking a bit iffy at the 7/11, Greg and I fill up our bikes, ready for the ride ahead. We consume a coffee each and just as Greg is about to set fire to another dart, Gord rocks up on his shiney black GS500, introduces himself then proceeds to fill up too. Even a little drizzle at the meet point didn't dampen our spirits as we casually made our way through Gembrook and up to Warburton for a quick coffee.

    A nice easy run up Reefton, stopping briefly at the junction, before continuing on to Buxton with Greg leading the way for that stretch (time to blow out the cobwebs??) While Gord and I motored on to Eildon for lunch, Greg had to return home for prior commitments. Those lovely autumn trees on the way to Buxton, the farmers fixing their fences, and the smell of treated pine burning, gotta love that fresh air.

    After downing lunch at Eildon and getting a few photos we made our way back through Marysville, through Black Spur which was busy, although dropping back occasionally provided a decent enough gap to have a little fun at least. For a Reefton and Black Spur virgin, Gord did extremely well punting his GS around the twisties and is to be commended on a job well done, top marks.

    We said our goodbyes at the Caltex before heading our separate ways, again, me taking the Chum Creek option to Whittlesea.

    Thanks to GregB and Gord, nice to have met you, glad you enjoyed yourselves, I know i did......
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  15. I can't thank Brad and Greg enough for their acceptance and patience in this ride. Had my licence for three days when we went on this ride. I will admit I DID question myself why I would do the spur and a 350km ride in the rain when I left, but decided to go on, and as it turns out the weather cleared up into one of the most picture-esque days one could have hoped for.

    Early on in the 7/11 meet it was determined that I was a VERY green biker, and the boys took authority, asked me my experience, and determined who would lead and who would be the rear; Exactly how I read it was supposed to be according to the group riding etiquette FAQ on these very forums.

    I rode within myself, pushed myself at times and caught myself out at times on tightening corners, but never felt uneasy. I was always trying to keep up with Brad (ned, lead) but never felt pressured to hang on. Greg stayed behind me and dropped back at times to blast through some curves which I was glad to see, as I didn't want to hinder anyone.

    Brad has pretty much told the story, So I'll just link some pictures from the ride now. :]


    Warburton bakery, first stop.


    Marysville turnoff


    Lake eildon


    Still Eildon


    Not sure where this was, but it sure as hell needed a photo.


    First photo I took of my bike :]

    Thanks for the great ride guys, can't be more appreciative of the welcoming to two wheels.
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  16. Cheers Gord, love those photo's too, excellent work...
  17. Don't cry off a ride just because you feel you might hold things up, folks. On every ride there are a few riders who want to make the pace; that's fine, but there are always others who are happy to toddle along with newbies and help them enjoy the ride. Make the committment and do the ride; I guarantee you will be glad you did, and when others come back and say what a good time they had, you'll be sour if you didn't give it a go!

    WOW, Lake Eildon was bone dry a couple of years ago when I rode through there last.

    Great pictures too, mate (y).
  18. Would you believe these photos were taken on my phone?
  19. Must be a Samsung Galaxy SII, then :wink:
  20. Close, Samsung galaxy note.