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Eildon this week - Thursday or Friday

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by mikado, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Hi all, looking to do a circuit up to Eildon and along the 50km freshly(relatively) sealed section from Elidon to Jamieson which is about the best section of twistys in Victoria.. I'm think possibly Thursday / Friday this week... Map not yet finalised but it'll be a full day, lunch probably at the Kevington pub.

    I'll be departing from Melbourne cbd..happy to meet folks along the way

    If you're interested please post here or email me on ian@gilian.net
  2. Maybe interested. Which way are you going and what time do you intend to start mate? Thanks.

    Welcome to NR btw. Your first post is about a ride, impressive but you should do an intro! What do you ride, where are from etc?
  3. Hey All,

    sorry.. I should have said hello, I guess this forum is a bit more intimate, which is good!

    I'm Ian, living at Cnr Bourke and Spencer streets in the CBD, 39, ride a Red BMW R1200RT - the red color makes it go faster I'm sure!

    been riding for ages, ok to ride the bike on dirt also.

    Work in IT.

    you can see me here : https://picasaweb.google.com/118238241046049606914/OmeoAndDinnerPlainDec2011
    - definitely one of my fav rides..

    Now.. regarding this ride, I think I'll head off reasonably early on Friday. Might even make it a two day ride.. not sure, happy to take ideas!
  4. Welcome Ian, another IT fella on a bike, that takes our count to about 70 plus ish of riders are in IT field on here : )
    Check the Ride Calendar and ride forums as well Ian, nice of you to post up a ride first entry on here. Pic on the link above provided are a great thing showing where you'd been [for the tourist in us]
  5. can a moderator approve my latest post please..??? I've added more detail but it needs moderation