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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Garido, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Went for a ride up North (from Melbourne :)) today. Met a couple of mates in Healesville, had a coffee at the Beechworth Bakery, and off we went.

    Weater forecast was for scattered showers, but when we left, there was plenty of blue sky to see and not a drop of water on the road.

    First through the Black Spur. Managed to loose my mates after overtaking a ute and caravan, but they caught up again when I changed the visor over to the tinted one in Narbathong.

    Took a little detour to Eildon, via Alexandra and Eildon National Park (Skyline Road), then onto the Eildon - Jamieson Road. First bit had a bit of gravel on it, so we took it a little easier, but when everything was clear we opened the throttle and fell into the groove. :D The road was nice and grippy, and I managed to scrape the footpegs on a few occasions.

    Refuel in Mansfield before heading off towards Whitfield. Great sweepers (for some reason signposted as 45 km/h or 50 km/h, but you can easily do 100 km/h (or more ;)) through most of the distance. Greet the Reaper in Tolmie and carry on to Whitfield.

    Had a Group of Riders on Cruisers coming our way in the first half towards Whitfield. A couple of them crossed over into our lane going through a leftie (from their view). They got a bit startled/panicie when we whisked past them. May I take a few seconds here to advise all riders out there to ride within their limitations!!! Doesn't help to try and stay close to the leader of the Group if you end up having a head on collision with another bike, or a car coming your way!

    Lunch at the Pub in Whitfield was ok, but a little expensive, as you can expect from the Country Pubs.

    Back on the bike and back to Mansfield. Another group of riders coming our way in the short little twisty bit, just before you pass underneath the overhead power lines. Once again, one moron trying to stay close crossing over into our lane. Luckily, once again only by a few centimetres. Mind you, if I had been driving the Landcruiser, it would have been a sudden finish for the moron.

    Refuel in Mansfield again and off to Melbourne the boring way (Merton, Yark, Alexandra). Bit of fun in the Black Spur again, but too many cars to really enjoy it. Also started raining a little at that time, giving the roads a shiny wet coating.

    All in all a fantastic day. Did just over 500 km, which is not bad for a day trip in early spring.

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  2. A day well spent :)
  3. Aahh, don't waste your cash at the over-priced bakery, go a little further up the road and head in to All Moto Cafe where the coffee's great, service is far more friendly and prices are reasonable(y)

    Great write up though Garido, I'll be expecting the same in-depth report for each of the 5 days in November:p
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  4. Will give All Moto Cafe a go next time then mate!

    I'll bring a notepad along in November to keep all the details. Will need to adjust the camera a little as well. With the more sporty position on the bike I ended up filming mainly the road just in front of me most of the time. :( Would have been some great footage otherwise.
  5. Lovely roads and great scenery in that part of Victoria,I did the northbound leg last time I rode home from Melbourne, and in both directions in the car with Mrs Hornet when we were down there for the May school holidays.....
  6. Nice run that :) we do the same over to bight a couple of times a year stay over night in bight and do the falls creek Hotham Dinner plane run the next day . Off again 3rd weekend in November conunting the sleeps :) thanks for posting
  7. Plus one skyline road and my first EJ run of the new riding season today.

    Those 2 gravelly sections at the start of the EJ are a bit of a pain in the arse, but other than that it's all pretty good.

    Twas lovely sitting in the sun out the back of the brewery today.
  8. Did that last year as well. Great little trip and easy to do over a long weekend. You should book into the trip Ned is organising for November. We're not keeping it to 3 days though, but head on over to Jindabyne this year. :D
  9. Did I miss something? When did the last riding season end? Haven't had a break for the last 3 years! :LOL:

    You're spot on there. My mate on his Tenere didn't worry too much, he's got knobby tires. But for the sportsbikes it was as you said.:eek:
  10. I did a few Reefton runs over winter, tiptoeing the bike along wet, mossy, cold, glassy roads - wouldnt fancy 120kms of that EJ round trip! the EJ is plenty challenging enough for me when it's dry warm and grippy (y)
  11. Totally agree mate. But you usually find a nice weekend with dry roads all year round. I try to avoid EJ during winter as well. Made that mistake once and rode off a bike loosing the reat on black ice.:( We did a few trips through Gippsland in winter though, or along the GOR. :cool:
  12. Murrindindi Region.JPG Skyline Road.JPG Cathedral Range.JPG EJ Road II.JPG Here's some photos of the trip.
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  13. 1. Lookout about 5km before Alexandra on RHS of Maroondah Highway
    2. Lake Eildon from Skyline Road
    3. Cathedral Park from Maroondah Highway between Taggerty and Buxton
    4. Lake Eildon from the Jamieson lookout

    How did I do :)
  14. 3 and 4 spot on , have similar shots myself . As for 1 and 2 , over to someone else ?
  15. JMC, it shows you know your backyard well. Yes, all 4 are correct.(y) I guess they're the standard shots everyone takes riding along those roads.

    Here's another one of the Skyline Rd. Skyline Rd II.JPG
  16. I remember there being some great roads up between Mansfield and Whitfield. Did you go past the section with the canyon/gorge on one side or is that further north?
    I'll be heading up that way again myself next time I get the chance.