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Eildon-Jamieson Road, Condition Reports

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by donna, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Has anyone been up at lake Eildon recently? A couple of years ago there was a stretch of about 16km (not sure exactly what part around the lake) that was gravel/clay/dirt - locals said it was going to be sealed - just wondering if it has been.

  2. Re: Lake Eildon

    We also should have a report from Kitt & zx9a on this soon as they are there again this weekend.

    Will be interested in what a different 5 weeks has made to the gravel quota.

    Looking forward to giving it another go soon.
  3. Re: Lake Eildon

    I came home from Wangaratta via that road last Wednesday, it was much better than it was on Dec 5th. Still a bit gravelly on some corners and many more cages and 4wds taking up more than their share of the roadway. A guy on a Ducati went past me and was pushing it pretty hard. I saw no evidence of him coming to grief, so all in all, looking pretty good.
  4. Re: Lake Eildon

    Disgruntled Dog and I did Eildon to Jamieson and return today. The new section is OK, there is some loose stones on several corners.

    I highly recommend this road, even with having to take it a little slower. In a years time it will be run in and perfect.
  5. Re: Lake Eildon

    I did it last night two up and thought it was pretty good, a bit of loose small gravel on some of the corners, But you get that any where.
    A few more cars rolling it in and it will be awesome,
  6. Re: Lake Eildon

    It was a great ride. There are quite a few holiday makers about and for some reason they do seem to have trouble keeping to their side of the road so take care.
  7. Re: Lake Eildon

    F__KING PERFECT............
    Came back home today from Jamieson, this hot weather has done nothing but good for that road but I think what really fixed it was a couple of days ago I ran my XR 8 along it and I think it pressed the last of the loose gravel back into that black stuff :)

    Cheers Bruce
  8. Re: Lake Eildon

    As long as they keep those bloody B doubles off it.
  9. Re: Lake Eildon

    LOL @ Bruce...we should petition for a centre line though....it helps keep those damn 4WDs on their side.

  10. Re: Lake Eildon

    Yup, feel safer on the marked sections of the road.
  11. Re: Lake Eildon

    It's more of a challenge without them I think, but what I worry about is those 4 ft deep trench cutters.........you don't want to end up in one of those F__K NO !!

    Cheers Bruce
  12. Had my first look at this road on Saturday. OMG, they don't get any gnarlier than this! Not for the faint hearted.
    But the condition right now is absolutely shitful. After last week's rains the road surface is absolutely filthy with leaf litter and crap. So bad in some places that it's hard to pick where the asphalt is going. Several guys in the group had BIG moments, although my Katie on all-road tyres handled it OK.
    The new section is getting cleaned (or washed) of gravel pretty well now, at least. And the view of the lake from the lookout is worth stopping for.
  13. Just got back from Jamieson - the Council have just started (Monday) re-sheeting the road between the newly sealed section and Jamieson. I heard they are doing it all the way down to 1km from the Pub.

    Expect Road Works and more loose stuff for a few weeks.

  14. It's pretty decent road IMO except for a few things:

    *) sealed blue stone section, loose stones which are indistinguishable from the sealed ones makes it a bit tricky.
    *) on hot days, the sealed (and some of the other parts) get a bit 'squishy' leading to interesting 'moments' in corners.
    *) narrow in some sections so you need to make sure you're well on your side of the road (running wide is not an option so make sure you know what you're doing).
    *) several decreasing radius corners makes this stretch of road quite technical.
  15. I did it last thursday and Friday, personally i found the ride back a lot easier the ride down...
    Apart from almost being written off by a huge 4x4, a few rock wallabies and a massive random slab of bluestone laying in the middle of a corner , all was well...

    Plenty of leaf litter and lots of bark,twigs etc on the surface when we went too.
    I found the road mentally draining after a long ride but thoroughly enjoyed the trip home when we did it fresh from a nights sleep.
  16. Needs a center line IMHO.

  17. Did it on Monday. Would be nice if you could tell the loose gravel from the road surface!
    And those corners sure are narrow.
    But will be a great road in a few months.
  18. Not sure WHERE they could put em safely along there.