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Eildon-Jamieson Rd, Victoria

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Beza, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Has anyone done the Eildon-Jamieson Road lately? Just wondering what the condition is like, anything I should watch out for in particular?

    I'll be taking a pillion on my CBR954RR and staying the night at a pub in Mansfield. I Just want to make sure there's no big surprises.

    Google Maps

  2. the big surprise is
    you will love it
    the next big surprise is
    you will be very fcuking tired after
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  3. That's what I want to hear :)
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  4. One of my favourite roads from a 2 week trip from SYD that included Tassie and VIC....
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  5. Ask PSYKCPSYKC and chillibuttonchillibutton. They have recently post about it on (I think) the photos thread.
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  6. It's good, did it on the 2nd, a fair bit of leaf litter and some spots with gravel from rain, and one fallen tree (easily visible on a straight bit). Mostly on the Rildon side, the Hamisin side very clear . But no potholes or really shit road sections. Enjoy!!
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  7. #7 PSYKC, Feb 11, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2016
    It's a great ride!
    Personally found the way from Eildon to Jamison less exciting! Don't love heights so seeing a drop off to my left, plus dappled light (as we rode in the morning) plus lots of leaf littler (thanks to recent rain) and some serious curves, was a little intimidated!
    Thankfully chose to ride back, as it was a far better experience! Light was much better, leaf litter anticipated and hugging mountain instead of drop off, made this the most enjoyable road I've Eva ridden!!!
    Do it! Both ways if u can!
    It's worth it!!! Makes most road pale in comparison!!!
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  8. BezaBeza - can I suggest detouring from narbethong to Marysville then back out to buxton, you could even add the quick zip up to lake mountain (22km from Marysville). Great roads and much better then straight up the B360. Unless you're time restricted....
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  9. That sounds a lot better, and given its supposed to be over 30c up that way the view from Lake Mountain should be awesome
  10. Also hardly any traffic!

    If you really want a full day, you can detour from Mansfield up to Mt Buller as well! Thats an awesome view!! Or maybe leave early next day...
  11. If I didn't have a pillion I'd be keen to do more kms, sadly even with an air hawk the blade isn't the most pillion firendly.
  12. LOL ain't that the truth!

    Time to change to a Hardley (ducks for cover....) lol
  13. lol no thanks.
    Despite what people think about sport bikes and their riding position, ask any chiro what bikes the majority of their clients ride and it's the Harleys and tourers with their upright riding position. The spine absorbs all the bumps where a sport bike rider has the option of shifting weight.

    So when ever I see an ad with a bike for sale that says getting rid of the sports bike for something more comfortable I have a little chuckle.
  14. I find personally that the general seat/pegs/bars position of supersports is uncomfortable for me these days.Can still ride them (and enjoy them) but the wrists and lower back get sore after a fairly brief period. So the naked is a good compromise for me, more upright and wider, flatter bars make it a lot easier to manage mid- long range. Plus no fairing keeps me more honest lol. The wind blast at high speed is something!

    I couldn't imagine enjoying an HD on EJ road, though I'm sure that's open to a lot of debate, so I'll clarify by restating "I" wouldn't enjoy it.

    Enjoy your ride!!
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  15. chillibuttonchillibutton, you have to change your riding style. A super sports would be more comfortable for you if only you'd let the front wheel down for a while....
  16. LOL I'm crap at wheelies!
  17. ahh a BIG fav of mine, its been a couple of weeks since I've been. conditions will be perfect this weekend there has been no bad weather...it'll be awesome. Only issue might be other bikes, but if you go a bit earlier you tend to miss the riff raff.
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  18. If you're heading towards Jamieson, don't forget to stop at the Scenic lookout towards the end, and take some pics. Having done that a few months ago however, I'd recommend the other direction as I suspect you'd get a better view.
    The road itself however wasn't all that fun for me on the bike - very tight, risk of oncoming cars (and bikes) taking your lane coming out of corners (not that there was much traffic), and small loose stones in the middle of lane. Spent most of the road in 2nd gear. Just like one of the new TopGear presenters. :)

    Coming down the hill at the end of the road into Jamieson was nice, as well as the much quicker road taking you back to Mansfield. If you want more fun, I'd also recommend the road from Mansfield to Whitfield. Just watch out for tree litter and wildlife.


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  19. You'll have to try it again one day in the other direction. Not as stressful if you're not into twisties that much, as you're not on the 'drop off' side.
    Would've thought you had the perfect bike for that road though.... ;)
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  20. It was a hot day and a really fun ride with little traffic. The road conditions weren't too bad, there was the usual gravel, 4WD in my lane and bark debris but nothing that couldn't be avoided if you were riding sensibly enough. I wouldn't mind doing it without a pillion next time though.

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