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Eildon-Jamieson or Mansfied-Jamieson. That is the question

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by mjt57, May 23, 2006.

  1. I'm planning our annual Mid-Winter Ride (it's where we go, no matter what the weather is doing - requires a full committment from the word go). This year it's been suggested that an overnighter to Jamieson may be in order.

    I've not travelled it but there's a road between Eildon and Jamieson that I understand to be unsealed in sections. Who here is familiar with it and what's it like? ie: how long dirt section(s) are, smooth, rough, etc., and what it's likely to be like during or later winter?

    I'll have to get the map out, but how long is the road in total, from Eildon-Jamieson? I know that the Mansfield-Jamieson isn't too bad a bike road, so that route may be considered. But I'd like to avoid the long boring bits of the Melba highway (or whatever it's called that goes to Mansfield) if possible

  2. I know the unsealed section is 13km long, because there was an article in the paper about Council plans to seal it. Supposedly they want to attract cashed-up yuppies and motorcyclists(!) to the area...

    I can't tell you anything about the road conditions, but the Jamieson pub is a great place to spend the night. The food is damn fine, and so are the beers they produce in the pub's microbrewery. Highly recommended. :)
  3. Which pub? There's a couple? So far, I've looked at staying at the lakeside Hotel/Motel which is on Eildon Road and next to what was the lake (may have water in it now, I dunno).

    If they seal that road, then that'll be excellent. We can then bypass a lot of the boring crap on our regular runs to Bright, Beechworth, Tintaldra, etc.

    Still, 13km isn't too bad a stint. Although some of the lads may even baulk at that.
  4. Ah, it's the same place as the 'Lakeside Hotel/Motel" if going by the fact that they have the same phone numbers. Yep, very handy.
  5. I stayed there last June, and the accommodation was clean and basic. Perfectly acceptable though.

    They planned to fully upgrade it, so you'll probably find it's all new and shiny by now.
  6. Just wondering but how many people turn up to these rides, what does it usually cost overall, what's the skill level like, and when is it usually run?

  7. I drove this many years ago and answered a similar thread awhile back,would personally avoid it like the plaugue and go the Mansfield long way round,I know it looks soooo much smaller on the map than the Mansfield way round,but bugger all spots to pass if you get behind cars or logging trucks,(we where in a car towing trailbikes)
    Idiot tourists :driver: tend to loose their brains when on dirt roads and think there aint another soul around coz their in da George Bush :spam: ,Tend to cut blind corners and the like,Ive found personally [-X .
    Granted we did it in summer and was dusty as hell,bugga all spots to pass,and basically was a total pain in the :butt:
    Soon as the tarmac starts,bout 16km from Jamieson,is probably one of the coolest pubs I have ever drunk at,"The Kevington" :beer:
    I would DEFINITELY make your stop there,had many a beer there :beer: and nights like this when I used to live up Mt Buller used to go there to get pisd or for a quick :woot: and a beer.
    Lots of biker clubs go there for pissups :beer: and can be a bit of this element sometimes :blackeye: But all in all,an excellent place :woot:
  8. On the rides that I organise, the number of riders can vary between say, 6 to up to 30 riders, which I think was the peak, other than a combined dirt/road ride to Bright in 2002. There we had nearly 40 fellows, with a backup ute and trailer (for the dirties).

    Cost-wise, it depends. Usually around $35-40 for accomodation and whatever you like to spend on beer, food, and fuel.

    As an example, the 3 day Tintaldra-Merimbula run in Feb cost me around $300 for the 3 day weekend.

    For us, skill level is experienced. No learners usually go on these rides because of their length, and perhaps that we don't know many new riders. Pace can vary between riders, of course, from slow to average to quick, with at least 3 ex-racers amongst our crowd. But that doesn't matter. Whoever gets there first usually has to shout first. Of course, me being the usual organiser, I get to choose where I sleep...
  9. Re: Eildon-Jamieson or Mansfied-Jamieson. That is the questi

    i know these roads like my front yard

    the distance between Eildon and Jamieson is 61 klm
    lots of dirt plenty of corners

    my honest opinion is
    it is a longer trip but better option on road bikes
  10. Re: Eildon-Jamieson or Mansfied-Jamieson. That is the questi

    Yep...Have to agree...The dirt section between Eildon and Jameison is not too nice for road bikes...You can do it in the dry as long as you go slowly but the bike does take a bit of a pounding with the rocky surface in places, and ripples in the corners from car traffic. The road section before that is brilliant, but best missed due to the dirt section.
    With Winter you throw mud or soft dirt into the mix...eurgh.
  11. Now you're in my back yard.

    There's little of interest on the Mansfield-Jamieson run, one little section of twisties between Mac's Cove and the Howqua River bridge ruined by traffic and frequent diesel fuel spills.

    Eildon-Jamieson s@*ts all over it provided you can live with the dirt section, it's wide but rocky and after the first bit seems to take forever to traverse.

    Don't know about the accommodation at the Lakeside but recommend you get a coupla their wheat beers into you.
  12. Is this road still unsealed? I heard that it was planned to be resurfaced but haven't had any confirmation.


  13. I had a little look at this last week, but didn't complete the run. There are still unsealed road signs so I didn't go on. Last time I did it in the car (3 years ago), the unsealed section was rutted and bumpy as hell. Not really recommended, but with care you could get through.
    The brewery/motel is not actually in the town, it's a few ks out towards Eildon. Worth the trip though.
  14. Between Eildon-Jamieson there is a stretch of unsealed road. It doesn't look that far on the map but when I rode it on the car it seemed forever. Wouldnt do it on a sportsbike (yes I have ridden some gravel road before i.e. to chesthunt etc.)

    But once the unsealed road ends, it's a pearler :cool: