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Eight Legged Freaks!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Mahoney, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Heading out to the shops this arvo, putting along at walking pace on High St in Preston and a freakin spider the size of my head (ok, maybe a bit smaller) comes out from under clutch lever and wanders over to the instrument cluster like it's no big deal! I'm not scared of spiders generally, but it was very unexpected so I crapped my dacks and gave it a smack to fling it off and the bastard just crawled down into my fairing!
    Whats worse seeing a big spider on ya bike? NOT seeing that spider on ya bike! I must have looked like a fucking lunatic hanging all over my bike trying to find this bloody spider.
    I was nearing my destination so I got what I needed and popped over to woolies and bought a big can of surface spray and went ballistic on every nook and cranny hoping it would fall out and explode or something equally cathartic but no luck.
    Headed home and the ****er popped out again at the lights near bell street, gave it a big whack and sent it flying and it landed on the window of the taxi next to me, I gave it the finishing blow and the taxi driver just said "oh, that was big one ay!" thumbs up from me and I belted it home knowing that I was safe from spider attack now.
    I just went out side and there was ANOTHER ****ING HUNSTMAN CHILLING ON MY NUMBER PLATE!!!!!! it's no longer on the world, but have you ever though about dismantling your entire bike to get rid of pests? Again, I'm not scared of spiders but I sure hope mortein isn't bad for paintwork or seals cos I've bombed the living hell out of it tonight!

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  2. it's not fun, also had that in the car. you know the feeling when you turn on the wipers and it doesn't move. Worse i was mountain biking early one morning belting down hill when you see a black dot floating in mid air, then you ride through the web. it's all over you and you wonder where the spider is all while trying not to crash. Yeah, spiders are fun???
  3. I hear that. I had the same thing happen a couple of weeks back. Leaving work I go out to our pitch black carpark and where I have to find my bike by the flashing red light on the instruments. I get the key in and everything lights up and there is a huge spider on that speedo. I went to flick him off and the bastard ran straight behind the headlight. So after ten minutes of flicking the bars back and forth and reving the bike I thought either go back inside and risk having to explain whats going on or I walk home which I was about to do when I saw it running across the ground. Couldn't get on the bike while I knew it was there though, just had nightmares of it showing up on the inside of my visor or something.
  4. Huntsmen are friendly and helpful! What is it with bike riders and spiders! HTFU and flick them into a bush instead of killing them :'c
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  5. EXACTLY! And huntsmans are the nice ones, they eat bug and aren't very venemous, the biggest danger they pose is that they can cause you to spontaneously crap your daks. Embarrasing.
  6. It's not anything to freak out about until one crawls down the inside of your visor when you're doing "110km/h" down the freeway.
  7. You had two of them on your bike?
    I hate to tell you this, but they're incredibly territorial. So the likelihood that you had a male and female aboard is HIGHLY likely.
    They also fuck like rabbits, and spawn moreso.
    Which means that any day now, the small, hidden egg sac will pop, and literally hundreds of babies will emerge. Fully formed and functional, just small - they're not like us, and are independant from day one.
    And like I said: they're incredibly territorial...
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  8. Cheers, going away for work for the next two days, can't wait to get back to my new eight legged territorial friends, who will have had a few days to get used to their new home before I start it up and shake the shit outa their "house"...I have a whole can of surface spray here and I'm not afraid to do a pre emptive strike on the way out the door tomorrow!

  9. I'm not scared of spiders but i'm gonna run around my bike spraying mortein just to be safe ok bros?
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  10. sell the bike
    is full of eggs now
  11. I'm sorry Mahoney, I laughed when I read your post - only because it wasn't happening to me.
  12. OP, spend 10 minutes taking off the seat and removing the side fairings before you spray. That will make it much easier to murder those poor innocent creatures.

    Huntsmen are kinda cute but I wouldn't want to suddenly see one in my helmet.
  13. Gotta love it when you are riding along and you feel something tickling you scalp. You try to tell yourself it's just an itchy spot, but once it's started, you know your eventually going to pull over and check.
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  14. I dont so much mind them, but I haven't had a high speed surprise yet.
    My housemate saw one so he panicked and flicked the kitchen light on and off to scare it.

    It didn't work. But it was very funny.
  15. Tip for arachnophobes: Don't buy a faired bike.
  16. Took one of them for a ride last nite. Must've gotten on my bike when it was parked in the office garage. Tried to flick it off the bike, but missed and it went under the fairings, never to be seen again.

    Not so bad compared to the other time I noticed a moving itchy spot... Thought it was an itchy spot on me nose, but then it crawled over to my cheek and I instinctively slapped my face. (I wear a full face helmet, btw)
  17. They do give a painful bite - but not at all dangerous (unless you have an allergy). It swells up where you've been bitten and throbs for a while.
  18. Noted.
  19. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  20. The problem is that they don't keep to themselves. They scuttle - screaming increases the speed of scuttling. They jump from high places - particularly the kitten sized ones. Forget about the whites of their eyes - if you can see the hairs on their legs then they've got to go. If it takes a can of furniture polish, hairspray or shower power it doesn't matter. Shoot first and ask questions later.