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Eight Apostles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. And if one Apostle should accidently fall, there'll be eight apostles sitting in Bass Strait.

    Yep number 9 collapsed this morning, so next time you do the GOR and go past Apollo Bay you can see the pile of rubble that was Apostle number 9.

    We all remember when London Bridge fell down about 10 years ago.

    Was there ever actually 12 Apostles??
  2. I thought there was 12 . Guess i cant count . At this rate there wont be many left soon.
  3. So 8 Apostiles but how many Apostles?
  4. At the risk of attracting some south-of-the-border flak, we've got Three Sisters up here, and there IS actually three!
    Just kidding; according to the new item I read late this arvo there was only 10 Apostles anyway, and now there's only 9.
    I wonder if some lucky sod was there with a video camera and actually recorded it falling???
  5. Ha Ha..... :evil:

    Happy now I've fixed the spelling :p

    ABC TV News claimed only 8 left :roll:
  6. Sorry but I'm a bit pedantic & see so much of the English language vandalised in here! Not that I'm innocent but my fingers actually work better when I've had a drink or two! Then more than that usually lands me in it up to my armpits! froflmao!
  7. At least I got it wrong everytime :p

    No offence taken :wink:

    I really should spell check these things before I post 'em :)
  8. Three sisters?? I thought you guys north of the border were more interested in Mrs. Palmers and her five daughters!?? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Sorry dude, you left yourself wide open.
  9. no point if you've got a yankee spell checker cause they can't spell either!
  10. And there probably was 12 visible once upon a time but that stretch of coastline is Australia's most rapidly changing area as the cliffs are sandstone/limestone (as are the Apostles) and they deteriorate via erosion so quickly.
  11. According to today's Age:

    "About 1.5 million tourists visit the rock formation each year, which was called the Sow and Piglets until 1922 when its name was changed for tourism reasons to The Apostles, Mr Green said.

    It gradually became better known as the Twelve Apostles, despite there being only nine main rocks in the formation, although some locals counted nearby structures to bring the number of stacks to 17 (now 16)."

    So no-one counted 12 rocks and decided to call them the Twelve Apostles.
  12. Apparently a Harley with no baffles was seen leaving the scene shortly afterwards. :LOL:
  13. Now THAT is funny, titus. Thanks for bringing the dicsussion back to a proper motorcycle-based, netrider format.
  14. I feel sorry for the poor bastard who has to go around to all the merchandise stores with a perminant marker and update all the postcards etc :p

  15. I read on news.com.au that a family came down to check it out one last time on their way home from holiday there, and took a photo at 9:18am just before it fell, and 9:19 just after.
  16. The postcards now will be a collectors item :wink:
  17. Bugger...
  18. Something on the news about them blaming the filming of a movie down that way . Does any-one know what movie it is ?
  19. The new Superman flick apparently.

    Was supposed to be all over the front page of the Geelong Addy on Saturday so maybe one of the locals down that way can fill us in.