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  1. yesterday I got a message from eCar telling me that they are pulling out of the Australian market and they would not be offering me a renewal on my car insurance in August. If anyone has eBike cover you should probably expect this too. Not the end of the world since I shop around every year but a little frustrating as the premium we well below the others this year

  2. I found ebike to be 3 times the cost of insuremyride

    when I told them they were not interested in offering me insurance
  3. I've also heard that any existing ebike policies will be honoured up to their expiry date and renewals will be coming from QBE
  4. Guys, I'm in the same boat. Received my papers outlining similar things.
    After reviewing QBE's cover note and Insurance premium, I almost felt the urge to call them personally to cancel any dealings with them. I was quoted ~ $1,126 per annum, JUST for my '08 R1 (which has LOTS of mods, of which ebike obviously didn't pass on !).

    At least with ebike they had me insured at a similar premium for BOTH my Litre bikes - 2 bikes under the 1 Policy... !

    Anyone have any better experiences/cheaper options with their Insurer ? I'm disgusted with how thieving these companies can be ! Oh well, research time again ...