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eGiste talks dirty !!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by egiste, May 28, 2006.

  1. Well I took a quick trip up to the farm this weekend and noticed that the old XL was looking a bit sad. Since dad no longer rides and none of us kids are at home, it has been retired to the shed and left sitting between the CT110 and the Yamaha AG. I decided that it is time I started a bit of a project and revived it to its former glory.

    After cleaning the plug, adding some fresh fuel and cleaning spiders out of the air box, it breathed life for the first time in over a year. I then decided that it needed to come to the city on one of those revitalising holidays and with the standard 'No mum I wont ride it up and down the street' promises, it was into the back of the ute and home to Eaglemont.

    After unloading it last night, much to the delight of a drunken Seany and the apparent dismay of our neighbours, it again breathed life and I took a quick ride up and down the strees with a deafening roar that only a dirt bike with a 'custom' exhaust can give at 1am on a Sunday morning and it has now taken over a place in the shed, ready for some serious cleaning and repairs.

    I have decided to document this project as it is sort of a 'revisiting of my childhood' and show the transformation from a very rough looking, past-its-prime bike into a clean, efficient fun-making machine.

    Of course this serves as prior warning to any of you that have expertise in repairs and maintenance to be prepared for a barrage of questions.

    From an initial inspection all it really needs is:
    * A clutch leaver (this one is usable but only 3cms long)
    * Fork seals (these are / have leaked pretty badly)
    * Chain and Sprokets (The chain is showing signs of rust)
    * Oil and filter (The oil is at least 4 years old)
    * 3 and half indicators and tail light
    * Some paint on the rear guard
    * Fix the tears in the seat
    * A replacement of the front number plate (missing since my little sister took a short cut through a fence last year, I suspect it is hiding with the rest of the clutch leaver); and
    * A thorough clean of just about every part.

    Pics in the initial state:


    [edited for spelling]
  2. let the wrecker hunting begin! good luck;)