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Egiste Down but ok.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Seany, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Egiste just spoke to me from the Royal Melbourne to say he has been knocked off his bike but is Ok and not seriously injured, and asked me to pass on that info.

    It seems a car ran a red light as he was comming off Errol St and cleaned him up before he had any chance to react.

    So far the extent of his damage is a suspected broken collor bone, just waiting for x-rays to come through.

    He doesn't know what the bike looks like but from his description of the stack it's likely to be a write off. The RACV were called to pick it up so I guess they'll let him know.

    That's about all I know at this stage but at least he's talking and in good spitits. :)
  2. Bad luck, at least he's ok, sorta

    i hope he has a speedy recovery.

    New bike coming soon then, eh??

  3. Aw shite, can you PM me his number dude?

    ...I always thought his first big accident would be in your garage...
  4. :shock: thats terrible news. I'm glad to hear Mark is OK, as Ok as one can be after an off like this.
  5. sorry to hear about this mate, all the best from dante in sydney.
  6. Yikes - never nice to hear these stories!

    At least he is in one piece.
  7. Give him all our best, seany :grin:
  8. heres hoping for a quick & painless recovery..
  9. Bugger. Hope the recovery is swift egiste.
  10. WOW. Those damn red light runners. Get well soon Mark. Thanks for letting us know Seany.
  11. That sucks!

    Hope he recovers fast.

    Did the driver stop?
    Are they insured?
    When does Egiste get to go bike shopping?
  12. geez, that not good news, and glad to mark is relatively ok, or like said above the best you can be for what happened......

    also a reminder to always look both ways before you take off from a set of lights, as cars running red lights is more common then many would think.....
  13. Damn. That is shite.

    Hopefully Mark is not hurt too badly and back on the bike quickly.

    Lucky bugger comes off his bike and gets in good spitits. I assume that's a good thing.
  14. Glad to hear Mark is up & about, considering. Bones heal.
  15. Egiste

    Wish a speedy recovery and hope its only broken bones , They usually heal ok and quickly .
    Bikes can always be fixed or replaced body parts can be hard to track down :)
  16. To Mark get well soon. To everyone else take care.
  17. Always sorry to hear about a fellow rider having an off !
    Get well soon Egiste - glad to hear youre in good spirits and heres to looking for a new bike !!
  18. Shit!!!! :(

    Thanks for the update Seany and please pass on my regards and well wishes to the young one for me...

    Im sure we'll all be waiting in anticipation to hear the full story... Keep us updated....

  19. That sucks, damn red light runners grrr. Good to hear Mark's relatively okay, hopefully he recovers soon and finds a shiny new bike.
  20. that sucks mate, thanks for letting us know Seany.

    here's to a quick recovery