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EFI system for cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by sam_ye, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. as the title suggest, i am wondering about n EFI system for my bike,
    i'm sick and tired of dealing with a carby and the choke.
    and i was thinking my bike may b easier to mod later on espesh wen i'm doing the exhaust and intake if i'm using n efi instead of the carby. no re-jetting and stuff.
    wot r ur thoughts?

  2. It would be easier to reverse engineer the space shuttle, and you'll find it very hard to sell the bike.

    If you are really that bothered, save pennies for a proper fix of the issue you have not described, or save further for a bike with no such problem.


    May sound harsh, but it's really not worth doing.
  3. Realistically I would look at the differences between the 2001 Honda CBR600F4i's engine compared to the carburettored version of the engine from the year before.

    Generally speaking, you would have to replace the carburettors with injectors and a fuel rail, add an adjustable ECU (eg: Motech or whatever), then lots of tuning time on the dyno to get the mixtures set right...

    DIY ECU would be the cheapest way, as a Motech unit costs ~$3000AUS last I checked - admittedly a few years ago. Plus all the dyno time. And the injectors, fuel rail and somehow grafting 'em onto the engine's throttle bodies.

    In short, probably not feasible...
  4. its not so much a problem.
    i just wanna keep the bike for a while. a very long while
    so i wanna play with it. add my own personality to it.
    i'm not fussed about the carby, though it is a biatch wen warming up the bike on a cold morning/nite. its more the stuff with re-jetting wen i do engine mods that i'm worried about. exhaust and intake will mean re-jetting. and then later on. body work, which changes the intake nossle will mean re-jetting. but...from wot spots said. it just sounds like a pain and i'm better off re-jetting the carby each time i mod the bike ey?
  5. Some modifications to the intake/exhaust/engine could require rejetting or at least re-tuning of the mixture, it's true.

    ... but those same modifications will typically require the ECU to be reprogrammed to compensate. Particularly if the aftermarket ECU is using the throttle-position sensor and crank-angle sensor like we did with our Formula SAE car's CBR600F4i motor, rather than a separate air flow meter.

    One's done with a jet kit, the other is done with a laptop.
  6. My thoughts are that this is not an SMS... moving one from that.

    The cost of the hardware alone would be far greater than paying a professional to get your bike running well.
  7. ahhhh i was under the impression the ECU will measure the flow in and flow out and auto adjust to compensate. but...i stand corrected.
    and wot is not n SMS?
  8. I assume u are still on ur restrictions? I thought about that for a split second when I had my cibby 250 cos i too was sick of the cold morning starts..but it wasn't worth it in the end. Just put that money into ur next bike upgrade :wink:
  9. haha i've been told that mani mani times
    but i plan on keeping my bike for a very long while
    so i wanna play around with it. add my own touch to it u no
    this isn't like a stepping stone bike for me. it'll b my project sorta thing
  10. If I had a dollar for every time I'd heard that... I'd probably would have spent it on some crap I didn't need.
  11. lol
    i've actually already gone through my "i wanna sell my bike phase"
    that happened a month ago wen i saw n R6 going for 6 grand. thought it was too gud to b true. then it turns out the "bike is in england"
    sounded like a bloody scam to me. so i ditched that plan.
    its now..."lets make it my bike, instead of it being a bike"
  12. Really not worth the effort dude.

    If you put a full exhaust system and hack the crap out of the airbox for better flow you will probably have to get it rejetted. But you'll have to do it once and then probably never again.

    I rode my CBR daily through a cold cold Canberra winter and if you keep the bike serviced properly and the battery fully charged you shouldn't have very much trouble starting it cold.

    Save your money for another bike. Once you start riding other bikes you will see the cibby's are really pretty shit.
  13. cant be done.
    no ecu can handle the rpm.

    this is of course assuming u dont work for mensa and can build your own.
  14. not meaning to b rude blaringmike, but i've already said it three times in this tread that i'm keeping the bike as a project. I'm not getting rid of the bike anytime soon.

    but nah, by the sounds of it. i'll just rejett everytime i do a major engine mod. sounds cheaper and easier.

    hey ne1 know the standard front sprocket size for the cbr? and wots a gud size to convert down to to improve down low pull? ebay has come up with nothing for me. its sad.
  15. just count how many u have
    then go down one.
  16. that involves pulling apart a few covers to c the front sprocket...
  17. And you were considering doing an efi setup? :p

    17 teeth front
    52 teeth rear