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EFI Cold Start Issues.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by vornar, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hey Fellas.

    My bike is currently at the dealers with a problem that has everyone stumped.

    When i try to cold start it after a minimum of about 12 hours rest, it cranks for ages before starting. All this started after i had it serviced a little while ago. It hot starts fine, and runs perfectly once started, hot or cold.

    The dealer has had me replace the battery, but it hasn't fixed the issue and he has ruled that out now. It cranks at normal speed and the battery tests well. He says he has checked all the vacuum hoses and has pulled the plugs and everything tests fine. It has been at the dealer for nearly a week now, for the second time and i was wondering if anyone could help with any suggestions.

    It only has 13 thou on it and its like 3 months out of warranty.

    Please help.

  2. What bike is it?

    Did they update any program when they did the service? I they did get them to check it's not for another country or for aftermarket pipes. Get them to put the old one back in if there is no choice.

    Injector leak? maybe. run some injector cleaner through it.
  3. Its an XJR1300 - 2007 model.

    They say they didn't do any programming, just replace plugs, check throttle body sync, throttle free play and air filter change.

    I really want my bike back, with all this unseasonably sunny Melbourne weather being wasted](*,)
  4. mmmm air filter you say. I wonder if it all went back together properly.
  5. If it's efi there would be a fuel pump as well, has the filter for the fuel pump been changed?
    Mine gets replaced every 20000 kms
    Air filter not seating properly
    Mapping may be out, they should have checked the programming as par for the course.
    When you replaced the battery did you open the throttle full stop then close it again before starting the bike with the ignition turned on?
    On my bike this resets the throttle position sensor, I'm not up to scratch with suzuki EFI but it works on the BMW which has an adaptive ECU
  6. Now that we know what bike it is have a look at this info>

    Recall for XJR1300.

    May well be the issue although you would hope that would be the first thing they look at.
  7. They did the TPS recall on it at its 1000km service. It was on 12,000 when i took it in.

    I spoke to the mechanic and they have re-adjusted the air somethings on the throttle bodies, as they have found some R1's have a rough idle after they re-sync them.

    He's hoping that this is effecting my starting, i'm still waiting for the call to see if it worked.
  8. Sounds like a faulty Temperature sensor. The EFI needs to know it's cold to enrich the mix.

    Had this problem on a EFI car, new sensor fixed it, good for the last 9 years.
  9. The dealer has called me and said that he thinks he's fixed it.

    He said that the air bleed screws on the throttle bodies were all messed up.
    He also said this would have been a fault of the mechanic doing the service.
    Apparently they sync the throttle bodies and then use the air bleed screws to even them out. They are supposed to leave the 3rd cylinder alone and tune everything to that. Apparently the 3rd cylinder air bleed was way out, someone had moved it when they shouldn't have and tuned the others to suit.

    He says that it has been starting great in the workshop now.

    So ill pick it up tomorrow and see.

    Thanks for the suggestions though fellas, much appreciated.

    Fingers crossed.

  10. Good to hear Vaughan. Weathers too good at the moment to be off the road.

    Wonder why a lot of people don't trust "mechanics"?
  11. Woo hoo,

    Hope the dealer has fixed the fault! I have the same model and year bike and suffers from the same fault, funny thing though checked a brand new bike on the showroom floor and did exactly the same thing as mine ...long cranking before firing.

    Have discovered though on my bike once it fires if I let it run for 10-20s then turn if off, start it again and fires up instantly, so that seems like a fuel fault to me ( with my limited mechanical knowledge ) , I just live with it. But for a EFI engine didn't expect any starting/ running issues.