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Effectivness of Dynotuning

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by CustomKris, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. After much thought, discussion and research on the tuning of my bike i decided to spend the bucks on getting the bike dyno tuned. So i went and saw the guys at dynoverks and after james (the owner) gave me a full tour of the place and there setup, he had convinced me he could definately improve the performance of my harley. He introduced me to brian who specializes in V-twins and he gave me a run down of what they could do to get her running a bit sweeter. Not long after i bought my bike new i fitted a set of performance ''screaming eagle slip on pipes'' and a ''screaming eagle hi-flo intake kit''. After fitting this i noticed a definate increase in performance from stock but it was running a bit rough, so i droped it into Peter Stevens (where i spent all my cash on buying the bike), where i got the impression it was just a huge inconveniance for them to re-jet it.....didnt really give a rats-arse basically and said they would get to it when they could. So anyway, got it back a week or so later after they spent a whole hour on the re-jet. Riding home from there i noticed it was definately running better but still backfiring occasionly, so spoke to the guys at PS numerous times and said i wasnt happy with it still, but always got the response ''its a harley mate, they do that.''.that was a few months ago so i had just been riding it on those settings for quite a while and put up with it. Anyway, got sick of it and thats when i went to dyno-verks. All i can say now is F**K you PS! The work the guys at dynoverks have done is second to none. Not only had the bike been running dangerously lean, but had also had a fire in the aircleaner from the backfiring. The Aircleaner was charcoal. Im glad that i have now found a service centre that gives you the time of day and makes you feel like you are getting your moneys worth. My bike will not be visiting PS again. So id definately recommend dynoverks to anyone.....

    So here is what they did....

    -Remove and retune carby
    -Modify crankcase breather
    -Drill out primary to #50
    -Fit new K+N filter
    -Fit main jet #170
    -3 dyno runs to tune

    And here is the results!!!!!!

    Rear wheel HP graph:

    Torque graph:http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=3755278

    Blue line is before, Red line is after.

    To say im pleased with the results is a huge understatement. Its like a different bike! Performance has increased by more that 10% and the torque curve has now flattened out dramatically, giving me more torque right across the rev-range. Ive lost a little fuel economy but thats only because it was running ridiculously lean before.

    So if you think your bike could be running better, it more than likely could with a proper dyno tune and small jetting modifications! dfeinately worth the money!

    Live to ride! :twisted:
  2. Hey Kris, glad u seen the benefits of dynotuning, u can't beat a rolling road! The dyno allows u to see what the engine is doing in real time, therefore allowing u to see what adjustments are beneficial.
    T.J. M/C Performance & Dyno Tuning. Sydney.
  3. Wow, thats a vast improvement.

    What did it cost?

  4. Great to see some positive feedback being passed on rather than the general biatch session.

    When you find somewhere that takes care of you,it definately makes you realise the shit you have been puting up with before because it seems to be the standard.

    Nice work Kris and congrats mate :)
  5. 480 all up mate.....the a/c was 130 on its own.
  6. Totally agree. I had my Storm dyno tuned, K&N'd and jetted and the difference was amazing. Extremely smooth and quick all the way to the redline. The bike was running lean before the filter and jet kit (due to the Staintune pipes) but perfect afterwards.
  7. Interesting!

    The Dynoverks boys quoted me $1300-$1400 for the works treatment on my bike, but it was (and still is) a bit over-budget for me. Nevertheless, the obvious improvement in your tune certainly is tempting me! My 9R is temperamental at the bottom end. :p
  8. That must have been during one of James' brain farts.

    I have a ZX6R rejetted by PTR and it came back a different bike. Cost me around $600 and it was worth every single cent.
  9. Good work, nice torque curve. Good to see a Harley owner that takes the time to get the bike tuned up after making the mods.

    Problem with carbie bikes (engines in general) is the time on changing parts where as for most injected engines you can plug in and tune.
  10. "The Works" treatment would've been a heck of a lot more than a tune/rejet/filter/dyno run.

    Why don't you list what was in the quote, rather than pulling some random number out of the air with no details of work to be done attached?
  11. Yeah i agree, that would of been a fair bit more than just dynotuning. Probably icluded the pipes as well did it?
  12. Yep, dynotuning was tops. I got mine on the dyno (mainly cause it was free though!!) and we found out the bike was running rough from being lean, all in factory set-up! Upped the jets and she's gold!
  13. Thanks for sharing this, that's excellent to know.
  14. Good to see you got a good result with your dyno. It's always good to find a place you trust and who give good service. I guess that's the hardest thing...finding the place.

    My bad experienced started when I took my ZXR750 track bike to a motorcycle place close to where I live. The guy spent 2 weeks on it and couldn't get it started. He tried to blame the fuel pump, the ignitor, the crank angle sensor and then electrics and wanted to replace everything....I went and picked it up and after asking some advise on here...I replaced the spark plugs....started first go. I couldn't believe that a professional mechanic couldn't get a bike going!!

    I then took it to a bike Dyno place in Moorabbin. A pretty well known and well respected place...I believe. (won't mention any names though).
    Left the bike, he said it would be a couple of days. He rings two days later and says that the bike is running very lean, he had found two jets sitting in the fuel bowl and the carbies are full of crap and he has to clean all the carbies out....he went on a bit too much about the state of the carbies....I started to get a bit uneasy about it. He seemed to be exaggerating a bit too much. The bike had a brand new fuel tank, not second hand, brand new...it was completely sealed when purchased ...completely...it was then rinsed twice with petrol and fitted to the bike...it had brand new fuel lines....brand new filter..and just to be sure..i ran a couple of litres of fuel through the whole lot before connecting to the carbies.

    I had removed the carbies float bowls prior to going just to look at the state of them and they were clean....nothing else was touched...so I was abit confused about how much dirt was supposed to be in them!!

    Nah the whole thing worried me...so I rang him up and said I'd come pick the whole lot up...as is. When I got there he wanted to yell at me about how lean it was running (like it was somehow my fault), he showed me the dyno sheets and HP etc...he marched me round to the carbies and said look at this...everything looked clean but he was unhappy that the jets weren't shiny! They were a dull colour...no dirt or crude or anything in the bowls...which he had gone to great lengths to explain there was...the jets were just dull!

    I said I didn't want to argue about it...i would pay him for his time and that was it. He charged me $200 for what he'd done...but the whole time he had a bit of yell....so I told him not to be a sook about it..just get the bill and that's it... :grin:

    Got the thing home...reassembled the carbies (made sure all the jets were tight)...didn't clean them or nothing and booked the bike into Race Replica.

    They were great. They were going through a bit of rough patch with staff at the time but they worked their arses off Dynoing the bike at night. They didn't complain about nothing...not the carby or dirt. They explained that the lean problem was "in" the jetting itself and that to get it right took a bit of time but they were happy with the power in the end. I asked them if the carbies were dirty when it came in..they said no! I asked if one of the jets had fallen out would it run...they said it might but would be pretty bad.

    They gave me a dyno sheet which showed the initial dyno had the exact same air/fuel ratios through the rev range and same horsepower curve that the "other" place had claimed was with the jets fallen out.

    I dunno, it's hard to be subjective with these things. There are so many if, buts or maybe's but all I can say is that I didn't trust the "other" place and certainly his behavior was abit odd and Race Replica didn't complain about any of the stuff that the other dyno place had. So draw you own conclusions.

    All I can say is that Race Replica did a great job...the bike runs very very well...I've had no trouble at all with my bike at track days...done 4 of them now...It's a pleasure to ride...so I couldn't recommend them more highly.
  15. Jets sitting in the fuel bowl??? :shock: ....surely it wouldnt have even ran. But yeah, like u said sounds very dodgy... :? But good to hear that there are other places around that provide a great service. It really seems as though they are a rareity these days....

  16. I've had a nice result with a dynotune of my GSR. Though I suppose the big gains are mostly due to the detuned nature of the engine itself. The bike is bone stock, before and after.

    Pretty Dyno Graphs!
  17. Hey Tack I respect the way you have handled the "interesting" service you received. A lot of times people get in here and slag businesses off if they got bum service. Fair enough if you get burned. but Sounds like you certainly got some bum service to start with.
    Top marks :wink:
  18. Glad the sporty is kicking some butt CK :cool:

    So any more performance mods planned??
  19. Glad to hear more positive comments about dynoverks. Blue12 had his bike done there and was very happy with the result.
    My mate and I are both planning to take our bikes there for a tune. My mate's ZX-9R is running a bit rich and chewing more fuel than his car. My 12 has a PC3 but I want a custom map to suit the pipe & K&Ns once the weather gets hot.
  20. Lets just say that if i have any cash spare when i come back from holidays in a months time there may be some slight mods being done....hehe.....i think a nos kit could be a hell of a lot of fun :cool: