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Effectivness of Dynotuning

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by CustomKris, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. After much thought, discussion and research on the tuning of my bike i decided to spend the bucks on getting the bike dyno tuned. So i went and saw the guys at dynoverks and after james (the owner) gave me a full tour of the place and there setup, he had convinced me he could definately improve the performance of my harley. He introduced me to brian who specializes in V-twins and he gave me a run down of what they could do to get her running a bit sweeter. Not long after i bought my bike new i fitted a set of performance ''screaming eagle slip on pipes'' and a ''screaming eagle hi-flo intake kit''. After fitting this i noticed a definate increase in performance from stock but it was running a bit rough, so i droped it into Peter Stevens (where i spent all my cash on buying the bike), where i got the impression it was just a huge inconveniance for them to re-jet it.....didnt really give a rats-arse basically and said they would get to it when they could. So anyway, got it back a week or so later after they spent a whole hour on the re-jet. Riding home from there i noticed it was definately running better but still backfiring occasionly, so spoke to the guys at PS numerous times and said i wasnt happy with it still, but always got the response ''its a harley mate, they do that.''.that was a few months ago so i had just been riding it on those settings for quite a while and put up with it. Anyway, got sick of it and thats when i went to dyno-verks. All i can say now is F**K you PS! The work the guys at dynoverks have done is second to none. Not only had the bike been running dangerously lean, but had also had a fire in the aircleaner from the backfiring. The Aircleaner was charcoal. Im glad that i have now found a service centre that gives you the time of day and makes you feel like you are getting your moneys worth. My bike will not be visiting PS again. So id definately recommend dynoverks to anyone.....

    So here is what they did....

    -Remove and retune carby
    -Modify crankcase breather
    -Drill out primary to #50
    -Fit new K+N filter
    -Fit main jet #170
    -3 dyno runs to tune

    And here is the results!!!!!!

    Rear wheel HP graph:

    Torque graph:http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=3755278

    Blue line is before, Red line is after.

    To say im pleased with the results is a huge understatement. Its like a different bike! Performance has increased by more that 10% and the torque curve has now flattened out dramatically, giving me more torque right across the rev-range. Ive lost a little fuel economy but thats only because it was running ridiculously lean before.

    So if you think your bike could be running better, it more than likely could with a proper dyno tune and small jetting modifications! dfeinately worth the money!

    Live to ride! :twisted:
  2. Hi,
    thats awesome,
    have been considering Dyno tuning the Blade,
    will have to look into a local place in Brisbane.
  3. James and his team at dynoverks are the ducks guts. They are an awesome outfit..
  4. What sort of costs were there on the tune?

    I know some car dyno tuners in sydney are thieves!

    Quote from Jim, owner of CRD "Croydon Auto sports can tune your car in half an hour" implying they are fcuking legends.

    Quoting me: "how the fcuk can you charge $650 for a dyno tune that takes half and hour and your car still runs like a bag of shit, lazy to spool and get 200klm per tank..."
  5. G'day everyone,.......

    Who can be recomended here in Melbourne to dyno a CBR1000rr6?

    Dr Who?
  6. www.dynoverks.com.au Ask for Dean and tell him Paul Williams with the ZX12R recommended him.. They are spot on.