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Effectiveness of Perforated Leather against summer heat

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by toast, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Hey all, I will be buying leathers for summer/spring/autumn use and was wondering if I should be going for the Perforated versions. I am thinking that if I use the leathers for track use during winter, I would simply use a thin Goretex windstopper shirt over the top of my merino thermals.

    What is the consensus for perforated gear. Also, it looks like Dainese don't perforate their leather pants (like the DELTA PRO, or any of the suit pants). Is that correct?

  2. In my experience, and my two-piece leathers are perforated, they work well except on extremely hot days, but they are the days when even a mesh jacket will still make you feel hot!
  3. Try looking for jackets with stretch kevlar sections as well. I use a Shift jacket and I wear it all year around, except when raining. Stretch kevlar seems to have more airflow than perf leather.

    Days around 25-30 degrees are ok, above 30 and towards 35-38 becomes increasingly unbearable.
  4. Effectiveness of Perforated Leather against summer heat



  5. Cool (I'm sure there is a pun in there, somewhere). I am looking exclusively at Dainese at the moment.

    I have a cousin living in Rome, who will be talking directly to Dainese on my behalf to ensure the right sizing in the items I want (which aren't made available in Australia... thanks Monza for your promoting innovation and providing options for customers, not).

    The sooner Australia gets rid of the antiquated top-down business model for imported goods, the better. Get rid of exclusive importers/distributors and allow individual businesses to deal direct with overseas manufacturers to innovate and compete in price and develop diverse/niche business models. Most importers/distributors are too self interested and it's a win-lose proposition.

    Anyway, many of the Dainese leather jackets seem to have the stretch kevlar fabric across the chest and down the arms. Like in this item:


  6. hehe, you're a funny guy, hornet =D>


    Actually, the name comes from way back in the day, when I played Quake 1 online.
  7. You probably ran up against a guy called "seven" then!