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Effectiveness of GS500F fairing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mr Owl PhD, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. I have done as thorough a search as I can and for such a well known bike I am surprised that this question has not been covered. Looking to buy a 2009 GS500F for $3200 with new tyres, chain and brakepads so that seems like a pretty OK price. It's for my gf who is a bit leary of the fully faired model, but I thought it would make a difference for short but regular 90 minute rides on the Motorway. She's moving up from a 250. Had a bit of a ride on one today, and as we are well past the fanging stage, it feels like a pretty solid bike with enough power. My question though relates to the fairing; the windshield does seem a bit dinky but that is not necessarily an indication.

    So... how much buffeting does the fully faired GS500 stop as opposed to the naked model. And also does it have any effect at all for a rear passenger? Will this bike be noticably calmer on the freeway than the unfaired version.


  2. I wouldn't have thought it would make much difference, but reading the fourth post here -
    E vs. F - Have you ridden both? Opinions
    It would seem it does.

    I have the naked, and the wind doesn't worry me...
  3. The dinky screen can be upgraded which will shift the buffeting from chest level to shoulders/neck. I didn't find the fairing gave much at all in terms of protection. I never carried a pillion whilst I had a GS500F but I have to say they are a great bike. Don't let the lack of weather/wind protection disuade you.
  4. My observations from riding a naked: Wind is only tiring at speeds far in excess of any speed limit so buy one that looks good and don't commute at huge speeds.
  5. OK, it does look a lot nicer without the fairing I must admit.
  6. I've never ridden this model bike as a naked, but I'm 196cm tall and the std screen buffeted my helmet quite badly at anything above 80km/h.

    I trimmed it down to roughly 1/2 its original height and now I feel the wind on my chest, which is quite nice.

    The side fairings do provide surprising leg protection from the weather and the headlight surround actually pushes a lot of wind away from your hands at highway speeds.

    I've installed smaller indicators on the front, as the originals look ridiculous IMHO.

    Highly recommend this bike, but it does feel quite top heavy, as it's almost 200kg.
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  7. OK, I'm now thinking back to an unfaired GS, but perhaps fitting an aftermarket windshield. Does anyone have any experience with them, do they actually help or are they just cosmetic.
  8. I reckon it depends on the type of riding you do. I don't have a GS500 but have ridden a couple. For general commuting with occasional highway I don't think the screen/no screen such an issue. But for Highway constant highway speeds I would want an effective screen. I get buffeting at 100km/h on my bike, really pushes the head back if I ever decide to do any touring, a big screen will be bought .
  9. Ok that's good info, yeah prolly only be doing a couple of hours at a time on the Freeway, not big time cruising. I'm looking at the GIVI universal one at the moment, which looks pretty unobtrusive, and also considering a national Cycle Screen, which seem to be well made and a bit more elaborate mounting but perhaps a bit of overkill. If anyone has experience with the National Cycle brand screen for a GS500 I'd be interested to hear an opinion.
  10. I have an opinion; buy a bike that you think might be ok. Then only after confirming what is or isn't satisfactory explore things like screens and whatnot. You sound like you're overthinking things.
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  11. When i ride on the hwy I do get a bit of buffeting on the chest which is ok not really a problem, but I also tried one of those windshield extenders which did move the buffeting up to my shoulders which became a problem because it affected the arms and how straight you keep your handlebars.
    Gs500F does get affected from crosswinds more than some other bikes, but you get used to it.
  12. True... esp. this year i got hammered on some days :)
  13. Wise words, after a couple of weeks with the GS500 naked I'm quite glad I did not get a fairing and I have no desire to get a givi shield either. But the top case is brill.