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Effect of Vic restricted licence in QLD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mithel, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. A colleague is going to QLD on Holidays and wants to know whether her victorian restrictions aplly in QLD, specifically pillion. To explain in more detail - Vic licences for first 12 months of licence (not learners) have restictions (no pillion, not > 250cc and 00 BAC). What effect or equivalents apply if she rides in QLD.

  2. yes, vic rules apply in qld, and queensland rules apply here.... as that is what you are license to ride/drive.

    It was like this when my brother moved down from qld (about 3 years), he had his p's at 17 he continue to drive for 3 months, until he had to change his address and then all restrictions changed too.

    I also looked into it at the start of he year for myself, to resit the q-ride course, and get of my restrictions, and like said above had 3 months to change everything back, unless you have a current address in qld
  3. Hi Mithel,

    Yes the same restriction will apply here. To have unrestricted licence up here ie for greater than a 250cc, a person is restricted basically for 3 years if only 17yrs of age or is within 12months of getting their bike licence and not done Q-RIDE.

    To have a unrestricted licence here, you would have had to complete your time on your restricted 250cc licence, or have held a car licence for at least 3years and complete the Q-RIDE unrestricted bike licence course. But even with the unrestricted licence if you are within 12months of its issue you cannot carry a pillion until that 12months has completed.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Bluecraka/Stewy, thanks heaps. Exactly what i was chasing.
  5. Road laws are interesting. I drove my tow truck up to Sydney once, I was on legal limit for trucks (100 kph) , and was stopped for speeding by a NSW XR8 pursuit car. He told me under NSW road law, all tow trucks are not to exceed 80 kph whilst on tow. I said the truck is Victorian registed, under Victorian laws I am complying. Aparently road law is subject to the state you are in, I would think the same would apply to licensing in that case . Just a thought.