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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Heading home from work yesterday I remembered that there was a plum pudding in the pantry but no custard in the house. Dropped in to Woolies and picked up a litre of custard in a plastic bottle, and since I didn't have my Gearsack on the bike that day, put it in a plastic bag and stuck it down the front of my shirt.

    Made it home without incident, and the coolth was welcome on the hottest day so far this summer, but I couldn't help imagining - what if I'd crashed? And been essentially unhurt, but flattened the custard bottle?

    The first attenders would have been horrified to see that the accident had apparently released a litre of pus from somewhere on my person.

    I had the mental image, now you have to...
  2. i like custard hope this helps
  3. Better custard in your jacket, than chocolate pudding in your trousers....
  4. Lying there poised between life and death, you could have licked the spilled contents, and Oh, how sweet it would have been!
  5. If you crashed you would have got your just deserts...

  6. :rofl: Soooo true. You would have some explaining to do then :)
  7. You could have said to the first on the scene "I'm F*@#ing this custard"...
  8. .... This guy is oozing some sort of yellow liquid!!.....ALIEN!!....

  9. You know those trucks that carry those little sanitary bins...I'd hate to see a crash involving one of those. Yeah I know..sick puppy
  10. Many years ago, I regularly found myself with a squeeze bottle of ketchup and a pound of inadequately wrapped cumberland sausage down my jacket. I used to find the mental picture of the result of helpful passers-by loosening my clothing highly amusing :twisted:.
  11. ...that's a BIG sausage!!.....:rofl:
  12. Geez Pat, I've never heard of one so big it was measured by weight before ;)
  13. LOL thanks Bravus. Yuck.

  14. I always envisaged asking for a smoke in my final minutes but custard sounds good too.
  15. #15 brownyy, Feb 21, 2011
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  16. yep, it worked.

  17. I LOL'd!

  18. :rofl:
  19. At that time of day it would have looked like the worst case of a premature gablort ever.
  20. I've always resisted putting powerade or cordial in my camelpak for this reason, imagine two litres of red cordial bursting on impact, or some other weird colour that would have their imagination ticking over.