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eeek! cordless phones: which one?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. i have a gift voucher and would like to purchase a cordless phone(s).


    had a looksee and there's too many to choose from. DECT, WDECT, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, 900MHz ?:shock:

    ideally, i want one to wall mount(?) and the 2nd unit to place elsewhere.

    don't want to end up with a lemon so i'm asking for peeps real world opinions or expertise. what ya got, are ya happy or not with your purchase. which one should i get or best avoid.

    here are the catagories.

    much appreciated.

  2. take the one with the biggest antenna. it will always keep u satisfied.
  3. I have been dealing with these things for years, Avoid the Telstra phones, Overpriced, over hyped and useless (Sounds like the whole company really)

    Oricom are not bad, not as reliable as I would like.

    Panasonic are good, I get complaints of poor battery life and a little hard to use, but a quality phone none the less.

    Uniden seems to be pick of the bunch, Don't get to caught up on Wdect and dect, 2.4 and all that, choose the features you want and you'll be right

    I have a 2 year old 2.4 Dect unit that I had on a 1 acre block and it worked everywhere on the block, I have now moved to suburbia and we get coverage everywhere in the house and yard. Doesn't interfere with my Airport Express network, couldn't be happier.
  4. We have a Panasonic and it's ace.

    Friends of mine have a Uniden twin-set, and they're good but are a little cluttered with buttons and features and crap you never use.

    "I just want to make a friggin' phone call!"

    Our Panasonic is nice and simple :)
  5. We have a Uniden, 5.8GHz

    I've found it great. Nice and clear, no problems at all.

    When i was looking around for phones the sales guys were pushing the 5.8 GHz or better phones as being superior in clarity, range etc.

    It wont be long till new models come out and things get superceeded. Just like lots of other modern technology.

    Never pay retail, always bargain them down.
  6. If you have a wireless network set up in your house don't get the 2.4GHz, it can cause horrible call quality (std wireless router uses 2.4GHz - you can make them work together but it's a lot of fiddling about).
  7. + 1 - you need 5.8GHz if you run wireless, otherwise it's feedback and bad reception!

    Had a Uniden cordless for over 10 years. It went for a swim in the bath, I pulled it apart, blow dried it and got another 5 years out of it!
  8. Agreed! 5.8 ghz version. Very clear reception. No probs in 12 months.
  9. I went through this myself this week. I ended up with a Uniden and I'm incredibly happy with the clarity compared to my old telstra and doro handsets.

    Check out Officeworks, they have a very broad range and good pricing. Avoid Harvey Norman and Joyce Mayne as their stuff is overpriced.
  10. We've got a Uniden WDECT triple set; one in the lounge, one in the office, one in the shed. It also came with a headset, which makes it great to talk on the phone while doing other things, like cooking.

    My shed's about 40-odd metres from the house and I still get fantastic reception.

    Best thing I love about them is that they can be used like walkie-talkies away from the house!
  11. Sit on all of them and take each one for a test ride, you'll find that one will fit you better for your needs.


    I have uniden too they are good. used to have a panasonic but the battery died, after replacing it with a D1cksmith battery the phone died it.
  12. +1

    I had a panasonic 5.8 set which was absolutely brilliant. They make great phones. The demon I was married to took them with her when I kicked her out, and I stupidly picked up some telstra ones (pretty much simply because they had a message waiting indicator for telstra's voicemail service). Absolutely shite phones and I'd never buy another Telstra branded product again.
  13. Just to clarify:
    Wireless B/G uses the 2.4GHz range
    Wireless A uses the 5.1 to 5.8GHz range
    So, if you use a Wireless A network, as I do, then a 2.4GHz phone would be better, although there is generally more interference at 2.4GHz, I find my phone has great range and clarity.

    I agree with those above who said select your desired functions first, then select the standard and frequency, then the phone. But, make it digital, DECT or WDECT, and 2.4 or 5.8GHz.

    If you get a phone with answering machine that puts a time stamp on messages, for goodness sake make sure it has battery backup so the internal clock doesn't loose the time. My Panasonic, which is otherwise great, has no battery backup, so I have to reenter the time after every loss of mains power, however brief. Really dumb design. :evil:

    Otherwise I like Panasonic phones.
  14. This is why I use the voicemail service instead of a standalone or built in answering machine. I never have to worry about it being reset in power outages. I always used to use machines and even ones with battery backup were a pain in the butt...I much prefer voicemail :)
  15. WDECT (and to a lesser extent DECT) is more secure.
    This is important if you do a lot of shopping with your credit card over the phone or other confidential stuff when using a cordless phone.

    A standard cordless phone uses no encryption so you could be potentially transmitting your credit details over a 1km radius for anyone with a radio receiver set on the right frequency.

    Something to keep in mind.....
  16. I bought a cheap pair of Binatone ones off Catch-of-the-day about 10 months ago for $28. (I figured if they were crap it would be no real loss). They work very well - they include an SMS capacity and cause no problems with my wireless router - despite the base station for the phones being about a metre from the router.
  17. I wasted money on two models of Panasonic cordless, apparently not practical due to internal brick walls. Plus the buttons started to fail after several months. Replaced with Uniden which hasn't missed a beat.