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Eeeek - Got the bike sideways

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JP, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Went through the National Park after riding up Stanwell Tops, had an amazing time going through the winding road and back again, and just as I was pulling up to have a break at the lookout, came in a bit hot, started gearing down fast, and squeezed both the front and back brakes. The back slid out just slightly, so I came off the back brake and it was all under control again. So what have I learnt? 1. Sliding out the back was kinda fun :) 2. Weight transfer to the front means I'll have less traction on the rear, so whilst stopping aggressively I need to remember not to use much rear brake and 3. I probably need a new rear tire anyway. There isn't alot of tread left, so I will get that sorted asap.

  2. its fun to a certain degree :p
    but not when you start fishtailing hard.. thats not so fun ahha
  3. Good recovery mate :grin:
  4. The more you do it the better you get at it. Although then you realise you weren't really sideways.

    Fishtailing the rear of the bike is pretty damn fun and adds a bit of excitement when entering corners.
  5. Yeah sliding the rear is fun, I better stop doing it cause my back tyre is balding too fast haha.
  6. Yes, but you did not learn the most important lesson. Do not ride faster than your abilities.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Yea it's quite fun. What I find more fun is when I'm accelerating in a staight line and the rear loses traction. It'll slide side to side until the grips again. This all in the wet tho as my bike does make enough power to do that in the dry...
  8. In Thursday's case, that's 20kph for me! :grin:

    I'd just hooked up with the rest of my convoy for the trip interstate. We pulled out of the sidestreet, turned left at the intersection; fully-loaded travel Tiger decides to get Very Sideways at all of 20kph due to oil or something. Nearly pooped my pants!
  9. hahaha.. you only went into the corner hot cause you were trying to hard to pull away from me.

    Ride within ur limits boy!

    Hopefully it wont slide out now with ur new tyre. :)
  10. Did you not read the opening post? :p
    You weren't there on that day, but yea shouldn't happen as much with the new tyre. Now go back to your car forums!
  11. i did this in the wet alot with the old tyres. it was awesome fun!
  12. Banging the gears down fast isnt a good idea, sounds like you had a slight touch of compression lock up, lucky it didnt buck you off.
  13. I agree, i think slight compression lock would have helped along with the rear break and big jump on the front breaks to make rear slide.

    Its a good ride up there mate, i've been a few weekends in a row, but not lately with this weather :(