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EEE PC Wireless Keyboard Announced - HTPC Dream

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by haksu, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Looks great!!! :grin:
    but why must everything be "wireless"...? whats wrong with wires? :mad:
  2. I dunno how it plans to deliver this HDMI wirelessly but it seems a little underpowered to decode 1080 streams, isn't the min specs a 3ghz cpu or something?

    I'd prefer a small PC sitting under my TV with some grunt in it, and a Bluray drive and a bluetooth mouse (and maybe a k/b). :)
  3. yeah it'll probably run ATOM processor which will struggle to decode 1080p (if at all)

    Wireless HDMI is a reasonably new verge technology, not taken off yet as it's competing with WirelessHD

    i currently use a gen1 xbox running XBMC which works great, but something lightweight and flexible is welcome too!
  4. I also run one of these :grin: its so flexible, watches all my rips over the network, and I've made some "custom" mods to it too, like an on/off switch on the controller ;)
    But certainly doesn't decode anything with 1080i/p