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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Primary school

  2. High school

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  3. Tafe certificate, diploma or trade qualification

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  4. Bachelor's degree

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  5. Master's degree

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  6. Doctoral degree

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  1. The claim was made that 4WD drivers on average have higher incomes, more education and higher IQs than riders.

    I know they're not completely disjoint sets - there are several esteemed Netriders who drive vehicles with four wheels all driven... but just for fun I thought we'd check out the stereotype.

    My guess is that the average 4WD driving person has at least - and probably also at most - a bachelor's degree. Maybe a few have MBAs.

    Wish I could do 3 different polls in one thread, as is possible on some forums, but I can't see a way to do it here.

    Of course, some people feel this kind of information is private and prefer not to vote on the poll (even anonymously) fair enough.

    And I also do realise that none of these things makes one a better person - there are fantastic, smart, talented, caring people with little education and low incomes, and even with low IQs...
  2. .. and I've never even driven a 4WD, much less owned one :LOL:.
  3. I fail to see how someone supposedly highly educated and intelligent would choose to buy a vehicle that costs a LOT more to purchase initially, costs far, far more to run, cause significantly higher injuries to both occupants and over vehicle/road users, does not do teh job as well as a conventional car in teh environment they are used and is more difficult to drive in teh environments they use them in.
    As for 4wd owners having more money......maybe they are prepared to carry more debt so that they can create the illusion of being successful.
    Let me put it this way...of the four Phd holders I know, none of them feel the need to own one. None of the truly wealthy people (and not debt wealth, actual money in teh bank wealth) I know have them either.
    However, more than a few of teh struggling boganesque families I know of "insist" on having them.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. masters degree; for people who fail at life.

    over education is the key to producing more idiots, in my opinion.
    :p :p
  5. :WStupid:
    Of all the academics I work with I know of only one that regularly drives a 4wd - and that's only because they have a legitimate need for one.

    4wds do also seem to be a popular accessory for the middle class to the ridiculously overfinanced McMansion with it's mandatory "feature wall", widescreen Plasma TV and assorted crap bought purely because some TV program/magazine told them to.

    Of course you can stereotype motorcycle ownership too (R1s for the Guidos of the world, cruisers for working class people insecure about their masculinity, etc.).
  6. Ah, c'mon, the 4WD bashing has been done to death on way too many forums already.

    Let me give you the good oil on 4WD. One word, and one word only - FASHION. This is why trying to 'reason' the purchase is of no relevance whatsoever
    It doesn't matter that you don't think they're fashionable either, they are to the buyers.

    And until you can say you never do anything for fashion you have no right to criticize.

    For what it's worth they do have some good things going for them; space, safety, ability to go off road, comfort, visibility etc.
  7. fcuk it, im going to buy one tomorrow.
    something rugged, and outback-like. a nissan x-trail perhaps?
    that'll learn ya's
  8. Ahh but there's a key distinction right there. The difference between buying something because you like it, or because you think everyone else will like it. Far too many people buy 4wds and other "trendy" vehicles for the latter (ie fashion) - as evidenced by the large number of soft-roaders, new minis/beetles, PT cruisers etc. in used car lots that are less than 12 months old with stuff all mileage.
  9. Yes, but what you like is not something that you are born with. It is often fashion that dictates what you like, we live in a society and we're effected by what's around us. Anyhow if you follow fashion (not clothing only) then you enjoy being fashionable too, you're not necessarily doing it only because you think others will like it. It's a mix of the two, as fashion is a social concept.

    Your point is certainly valid though, you can go too far and buy stuff that turns out to be completely useless for you. How many people suffer from buyer's remorse? How many girls get tatoos and then regret them?

    You probably guessed that I have a 4WD. I like it a lot.
  10. Serious question then. Do you actually use it offroad, and if not why wouldn't you like a similar sized hatch/wagon just as much?

    Just curious since I own a sportscar, not for fashion but for the simple reason I can't stand the poor handling of a conventional car. Which is why I find it difficult to understand why people would want to buy something that's even worse unless they absolutely had to (and yes I've driven plenty of 4wds).
  11. Happy to reply mate.

    No, we never use if off road. I drive a sport car primarily, and my wife drives the 4WD. But I love driving it on weekends, it's such a nice car to drive. It's comfortable, it offers great visibility, it looks really nice, it's much safer for the family.

    It's a diesel, and if you look at the figures (I have) it's actually more fuel efficient than most six cylinder cars.

    As far as handling it has all this stability stuff on it that I can throw it around a corner much faster than the average sedan, without a doubt. I can also stop it just as fast. It has rear sensors and rear camera, I will see better out the back than your sport car - guaranteed - so the kid "killer tag" doesn't stick.

    What else can I say? Most people that drive these cars love them. We're all different though.
  12. :shock: No offence but drivers who are totally reliant on onboard computers to keep them from killing themselves or others scare the crap out of me.
    I'll give ya the rear visibility, though anything small enough to fit in the tiny blind spot directly behind my car that's not scared off by the twin exhausts deserves to get run over.
  13. I'm not stalking you, honest.

    The problem is 4wd's are fashionable, but it doesn't make any sense. In the age of $1.50/L petrol, $1.60L Diesel, they cost more to run, fix and what are the benefits?

    From a safety point of view, they don't do to well either. Easier to roll, much easier at highway speeds than sedans, the bullbars that will warp the chassis before the crumple zones, the additional 200kg, and the fact that they block visibility from fellow road users. What's the benefit? Fashion? Buy some platform shoes instead.
  14. None taken. I'm pretty sure a similar comment was made when they first introduced rack-and-pinion steering ...
    If there's anything that GP and F1 has taught us is that technology is our friend. I guarantee you that my 4WD will stop faster with ASB in the rain than you sport car without it - unless you're a top driver (and not many are, we're only human mate).

    Ha ha, fair enough. Seriously though, little kids are only little kids ...
  15. gavinl, who am I to try and make sense out of fashion?

    The jet-set prefer their private jets to the logic of economy class ... weird ... go figure :roll:
  16. oh it's all fine then.

    Well, main difference is they can afford the rego and taxes. I don't know any farmers that cruise around their farms in a jetstream (my taxes ensure that an xtrail is affordable to those fashionable types).

    But hey, we get the government that we deserve, right?
  17. Mate I agree with you about the unfairness of the tax advantages involved. The world is full of unjust laws - sometimes you win, often you lose.

    The 'private jet' was simply an example of behaviour, you asked why anyone would drive these things ...
  18. It doesn't take a top driver to use brakes effectively, just more training/practice than the bare minimum needed to pass a licence test. Even in the wet I doubt there'd be many 4wds able to outbrake either of my sportscars (Porsche Cayenne maybe), ABS can't overcome the basic physics of increased mas and much higher CoG. One of the reasons why I hate when they tailgate me.
  19. That's why they have bullbars
  20. True, but those haven't helped the 4wds that have run off the road trying to keep up with my car :grin: (well it did help one demolish a fence).