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Edna the Gladius' (not so) big day out.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by evilsnoofy, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. With a partner still incapable of putting clothing anywhere near his sunburn after the Island Classic, I toddled off on my own for an hour today (this weather is just toooo nice). Seeing as Edna the Gladius has a grand total of 20km on the clock so far all I wanted to do was to get back into the feel of the bike and get some confidence back.

    This was my route and it was GLORIOUS. A nice slow easy ride with a couple of mild twistie bits thrown in. My riding is far from smooth and elegant, but Edna is so comfortable and forgiving of my currently-less-than-fluid riding style. She's such a beautiful bike to ride and I love hearing the v-twin burbling away.

    I was hideously slow and my lines through corners were shocking (talk about out of practice!) but traffic was pretty much non-existent so I just tootled along and enjoyed every second of it (I think my average speed was 53km/hr or something and max speed was 82.5km/hr!).

    Funniest part was getting to the first bit of twisty stuff, going through the first corner and realising that I was grinning like a fool inside my helmet. :D

    I'd also forgotten how grouse the smell of the trees and stuff up around Cockatoo were and the noticeable drop in temperature when you start climbing and how the heat hits you all of a sudden as you descend again!

    Had a couple of idiot P-platers pull out in front of me outside the Cardinia hotel as I was coming down the hill and between Cockatoo and Emerald a hawk flew across right in front of me at headlight height which was interesting! Apart from that, largely uneventful.

    Gearwise, my new Classic Draggins Jeans were fantasmagorically comfortable - best things I ever bought. My iridium visor worked a treat, I love not having to wedge sunglasses on.

    On the down side, my helmet is noisy as hell. Huge amounts of wind noise - maybe that's something I'll get used to. And after an hour of riding, I had no circulation in either of my thumbs - my Dianese gloves fit my fingers beautifully, but I must have fat thumbs or something (I ruled out death grip on the bars during the ride). Nearly an hour later I still had indentations on my thumbs from the joins/stitching in the gloves. I've had some advice on how to stretch new gloves, so I'm going to give that a go.

    All in all, not a long ride, but incredibly pleasant none the less. Certainly makes me itch for more. Seriously tempted to ride to work this Friday (casual clothes on Fridays, so I could just mooch around the office in my Draggins etc and not have to worry about lugging a change of clothes).

    Can't wait for King Crispy to be able to ride so we can get some decent kms in!

  2. You might want to try an emerald - monbulk - seville run. Also Monbulk - olinda - montrose-olind-FTG is a lot of fun
  3. Yupyup, I've had a peek at google maps and will definitely be heading up that way. Such awesome roads on our back doorstep :)
  4. I actually saw a gleaming Gladius off Kings Way/Queens Road today...
  5. I haven't actually braved the ride into the city yet. I'm a bit chicken.

    I'm thinking about doing it this Friday, weather permitting.
  6. now don't take this as an insult .. but to me.. the gladius is the ugliest bike i've ever seen... i think its the colour that puts me off...

    and with riding through corners... make sure you look through the corner.. keep looking forward throught the corner and you'll automatically go there nice and smooth with just small adjustments on the handlebars and throttle.. :)
  7. hehe each to their own. I think firetiger is a stupid name but there you go! :)

    Yeah I'm ok with the looking through the corners thing, it's the trucks on the Monash and the taxis in general that scares me about driving into the city :)
  8. The average joes are far more dangerous than trucks and taxis
  9. Careful what you post on the interwebs.

    I always edit my route maps from the GPS ;)
  10. "Edna" is such a neat name for a bike.

    Your first long-ish rides are so exciting, aren't they? I remember that, straight after I'd been into Wollongong to get my Permit, I came home, strapped on my old, open-face helmet, and went for a ride up Macquarie Pass. That was November 1974, and I can still remember the enormous feeling of freedom and exhilaration that was. It was my first solo ride, and it's stuck in my memory ever since.

    Enjoy the ride, there's nothing like it.
  11. It's ok, if anyone wants to try and find us and they do, I have a jamesn for protection :)
  12. It's the dood that is scary, not that girly looking jamesn
  13. The dood will repel anyone with the amount of "product" he puts in his hair.

    Damn teenagers.
  14. It's a bit daggy, but it suits her and I like it :)

    I'm tempted to get her a personalised plate.