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Editing avatar please?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, May 7, 2007.

  1. I have found an hilarious animated avatar, but I don't have the software to edit it down to 7kb and still have it animate. Can someone help me? PM me and I can direct you where to find it :wink:.

  2. It would be bloody tiny (if you were able to reduce the file size of an animation to 7kb) Rev.
  3. <<<< Animated
    Sending PM
  4. i have no idea how... :LOL:

    pm me the image an i'll image it ready down to 7kb...
  5. You can reduce the file-size of a .gif by:

    - reducing it's x by y size.
    - removing unnecessary frames.
    - reducing the image quality of any/all frames.

    I can do it. Can't guarantee I can get it under 7k though... what's the filesize at the moment?
  6. Thanks for the responses, folks, both here and via PM. One person has managed to get the avatar down to 65x65 but it's still bigger than the 7kb limit, so the answer is, I can't use it. Appreciate your help, anyway :).
  7. If anyone one needs something online go here. Have not used it for a while but it was easy to figure out.
  8. Hornet, post it as an image, lets have a look :)
  9. +1.
    I use animation shop by jasc.
    If you want i can have a play.
    there are some things you can do by decreasing the palet size, the number of frames, other similar things.
  10. Maybe this is also to put in site discussion regarding increasing avatar kb sizes. In this day and age where people can and do download 4gb each hour (which I do the last 2ish days of my quota month :grin:) it's funny to see avatars limited at 7kb. Especially that once they are downloaded once, usually they are served from cache so even dial up people don't have a problem with "big" avatars after initially being downloaded the first time.
  11. pm me and i'll optimise / recompress it in image ready...
  12. Just tried that site and they no longer support animated gifs. They do however have a link to a site that does. -->>


    Very easy to use, can reduce the size both in area and kb in seconds.

    Give it a go Hornett, don't be scared. :LOL:
  13. <<<<<----------------------- It worked for me.
  14. will do.... see you later...
  15. link doesn't work... looks like a broken image :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  16. :LOL: :LOL:
  17. ha hah hah, you are all SOOOOO funny :p :LOL:
  18. Severally butchered to fit size limits.
    Maybe someone else did better

  19. looks more like an angry beat down on that missing image!!!