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Edit - fixed heavy clutch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by edgelett, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. my new bike has a VERY heavy clutch, which my BF believes can be fixed by a) new cable and b) some adjusting.

    are there any particular cables I should get??? or do I just head to the local bike shop & get generic cable no 1?
  2. You'll need to get the cable that fits your bike. Just go to a bike shop and say "i need a clutch cable for a xxxxx bike"

    They'll know what cable to give you.

    Generally I wouldn't go replacing clutch cables unless they look like they are frayed and are close to snapping, or have snapped.
    Lubricating it should make it feel a bit nicer.

    I assume your talking about the hornet 600?
    It will have a significantly heavier clutch than the babyblade. More power requires a stronger (and ergo heavier) clutch.
  3. It may just be getting used to the bigger bike. I'd try cleaning (to the extent that you can, just get rid of any accumulated gunk) and lubricating the cable (and lever) before bothering going out and getting a new cable.

    Although if you've got some time, and the cable looks frayed or damaged in any way, they're not particularly expensive and most shops should have the correct cable on hand.
  4. I use Featherlight brand clutch cables on my old Guzzi (famous for heavy clutches). Very good!

    I get them from Jackson Equipment. But I'm not sure if he has them for bikes other than Guzzi. Phone Martin on - 03 5986 3029
  5. it could be - except both my BF & my dad said "gee this clutch is really heavy!". and my dad rides a kwaka zxr750, my BF rides a honda CB1300.

    mind you it could be heavy compared to their hydrolic clutches......
  6. Sorry for the dumb question. But what type of lub do you use for lubricating clutch or brake cables?
  7. That's an oversimplification. My gpx has a very light clutch, where as the cb250's clutch is considerably heavier. 33hp vs 19hp.

    Sure, we're not talking about 200hp monsters here, but there's more to clutch weight than just power holding requirements.

  8. Should've bought a bike with a hydraulic clutch!
    But seriously, get a cable lube tool from any bike shop and spray some silkolene down the hose, also check that the routing of the hose doesn't cause it to have any severe kinks or run underneath objects (ie fuel tank). If it's still too hard to pull then maybe the clutch cable lining is shagged (likely for a 8 year old bike), which means buy a new cable. The standard Honda ones are about the same price as the Featherlight cables, but the FLs are much better as they're Kevlar lined. Riders Edge stocks them.
  9. cool, thanks for all the tips about lube etc.

    I pick the bike up thursday so I'll have a good look at the cable then & see if it needs replacing.

    I went to the rider's edge website - looks like they don't sell the cables online. i'll send them an e-mail & sus out price anyway just in case I DO need a new one.
  10. Go do a comparison Edgelett, go to a bike retailer who has same model in stock and pull on that clutch to find out if yours is stiffer than normal or not, then proceed with possible remedies if needed.
  11. thanks for the tips guys, the spray lube on the cable has fixed it!