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Edgelett's trip of the Limestone Coast

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by edgelett, May 22, 2006.

  1. Well here's the report:

    We packed up the bikes on Thursday & got ready to head off around 11am. Tony started to fit his windscreen to his bike and at that point I remembered there would be a lot of wind at 110kph.....oh well, i'd just plow through! Note to self - get an aftermarket windscreen for the hornet.

    Took the freeway to Tailem Bend & stopped there for a hamburger & a coffee. Couple of motorcycle cops were stopped there too for the same thing, very chatty & friendly & gave us some advice: "Beware of the cross winds on the Coorong."

    Got back on the bikes & kept going to Keith. by that time we'd done around 250kms so we stopped to fill the tanks & grab another coffee. The wind was COLD!!! And on a naked bike, and only a 250cc, I REALLY felt it. Luckily my jacket is really warm & I had a thick jumper on underneath so I was ok. My legs were frozen though! Note to self - invest in a neck warmer.

    Turned off & headed to Naracoorte, and the wind direction changed. it was behind us & was actually quite pleasant! could ease off the gas (a tiny bit). I tried to lead for a while, but my poor little CB250 was struggling to keep at speed. i had to wring it's neck, so after a while I dropped back behind Tony, where I could use him as a wind break! made it easier on my bike. I was doing ok until I had to overtake trucks - it just took forever!!!!

    We stopped after a little while as Tony had a bit of trouble with his ear plugs, here's a pic of our bikes on the side of the freeway overlooking some SA vineyards: http://community.webshots.com/photo/550636037/2426355750064275003JjDqBj

    Another 150kms & we reached Naracoorte! Now to find a place ot stay...first place we tried was full, so we rode to the Comfort Inn. Very friendly people there gave us a room with a cable TV which is normally $130 for $90 a night, since it was a week night & they didn't have many guests. http://community.webshots.com/photo/550636037/2301630080064275003LnxzbX

    During our 2 stops we spent a lot of time cleaning bugs from our visors. After arriving at the hotel, we quickly found some cleaning gear so we could get these little buggers off the bikes:

    Had dinner at the hotel that night & got an early night's sleep. We were buggered & had to be up early the next day to go to the caves!

    Got up at 7am & had breakfast at the hotel, then got dressed to head to the Naracoorte World Heritage Caves :http://www.naracoortecaves.sa.gov.au/about.html

    Now it was foggy & freezing (about 3 degrees) when we headed off, and after a while moisture on my visor started to turn to ice! I tried to clean it with my hand but it got worse. so instead I had to ride to the caves, at 110kph, with my visor open & just a pair of sunnies to keep my eyes warm!!!! At least I was in no danger of getting drowsy!

    Got to the park, and the staff were really friendly. They told us we could leave our helmets at the centre, and as they didn't open for another 30 mins, they let us wander around the park into some of the areas you can go without a guide. A kangaroo scared the hell out of me, and we went into one of the small caves for a look: http://community.webshots.com/photo/550636037/2987551640064275003Cprskk

    Then we headed back to the centre, where the guides let us leave our jackets etc there as the caves were considerably warmer (17 degrees). Took some cool photos!

    it warmed up outside to around 17 degrees, which was much more pleasant!
    One of the tours took us into a cave that is home to some amazing fossils (hence why the caves are world heritage listed...oh and for the bats.)

    This is the skeleton of an amazing marsupial lion, that lived in Oz 500,000 yrs ago & used to hunt giant kangaroo. apaprently it used to drop out of trees on it's prey - the original drop bear!

    These limestone caves were fromed when this part of SA was all under the sea. the caves are full of marine fossils, and when it eventually became land over 2 million years ago, many animals fell into them & couldn't get out. The fossils of "megafauna" are over 500,000 years old!:

    And yes, wombats this big DID really live in Aus a million years ago!

    We then went to the Sheep's Back Museum, which apart from housing a robotic sheering machine that looked like it killed more sheep that it sheered, was a waste of $10.

    Went back to the hotel & decided to have dinner in town, when it started raining (we don't ride in the rain). So we said "ok let's have tea here at the hotel then" but they had closed the restaurant as we were the only guests! so they called AND PAID for a taxi into town for us. How nice!!! Will definitely stay there again.

    Next day got up, had breaky & checked out. Rode west to Lucindale where we stopped at a cheese factory.."Limestone Coast Cheese". Bought some Brie & Quark (which I got cause it's called QUARK). FANTASTIC cheese. Would have got some marinated fetta too (marinated in aussie herbs instead of itallian ones) but ran out of room in the bag).

    Then we kept moving to Kingston S.E, home of the big lobster! Went for a walk along the jetty, which was nice but it stank like sea weed!! it was all washed up on shore, rotting away. ncie photo though: http://community.webshots.com/photo/550636037/2633668150064275003mwnrHs

    We moved on to the Big Lobster...and it sucked.
    it was like Wally World. The Lobster is falling apart, and the restaurant was closed, despite all the 'open" signs. Was a shame, I was looking forward to eating lobster! So we kept on going in the direction of home.

    Stopped at a town called Salt Creek for lunch - looked like run down dump but had AWESOME food!!! Then we continued along the Coorong: http://www.thecoorong.com/about.html never been that way, and man it was awesome!! Yes there were thousands more bugs but the view was incredible. i have to say as a rider this was the most enjoyable part of the RIDE, doing 110kph along a big freeway, hardly any other traffic, and looking at that view - amazing. shame I couldn't photograph it cause I was riding!

    Then, instead of travelling back through Tailem Bend, we headed home through the hills & enjoyed the nice twisty roads. by the time I got home, my butt was sore from the seat, my hands were cramped & my legs were stiffed but it was a fantastic trip. Can't wait to do it again when I have my big bike next year!

    overall the roads were pretty good. they would have been bumpy in a car (each side of the road was uneaven but the centre was good). A very enjoyable trip!
  2. Sounds like fun Edgelett...

    And... There's a place called Wally World?

    I want to go there!
  3. Good report Eaglet. There is some great country over that way and the coppers seem sensible about their road laws. Just don’t step over this side of the border, what has been perfectly sensible and safe speeds in SA is all of a sudden dangerous. [-X ] (*,) ](*,)
  4. Oh one piece of advice....
    I grabbed the handle, opened my tank, moved the tip of the bowser over the hole & turned it upside down. Over half a litre of fuel then poured ALL OVER my bike!!!! I quickly replaced the handle & shut the tank lid, and called to Tony "Quick, get water!!". At that stage we found the station owner keeps NO WATER outside!!!!!
    Tony had to run inside & ask the guy at the counter for water. the bloke says "what...like in a can?"

    Anyway he eventually ran out with the water & I was able to pour it over my tank/motor/etc. If this had happened to the Hornet & my new paint got ruined....well let's just say blood would haev spilt!

    The station owner told us that "kids come around at night & pump the handles till the nozzle is full."

    Before re-trying to fill the tank, I tipped the nozzle to pour any excess petrol on the ground.....it kept pouring out!!! was insane.
  5. Hi Tash, I'm from Naracoorte, glad you enjoyed it.

    Was that first photograph outside the Stonehaven (BRL Hardy) Winery?
  6. Who can't wait for their big bike hey? :LOL:

    SOunds like a hoot well written, can't wait to do my first tour.