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Edgelett's going to Melbourne/Phillip Island

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. hey guys,
    I know the moto GP is still a long way away, but with 16 days to go till my full licence I have to pass the time somehow!

    After finding out that due to our jobs, my BF & I don't have holidays together at all throughout the year, we've decided screw it we're going to have 2 weeks off & go to the PI Moto GP in October. the plan is that the BF will apply for 2 weeks pro rata long service leave.

    SO the plan is to ride to PI, go to the GP then spend a few days in Melbournia.

    the purpose of this e-mail is to ask a) anyone got any spare room for a couple of south aussies to stay in in Melbourne in October? and b) we really don't want to camp at PI due to limited carrying space, so can anyone recommend good accomodation on the island?

    we're also trying to work out what tickets to buy...should we get General or Grandstand?

    I look forward to your replies!
  2. woohoo we get to see the Hornet :grin:

    oh and Mr and Mrs Edgelette :oops:
  3. You will both be welcome at our place....

  4. Naturally you guys are most welcome at our place too, for as long as you want. We're 5min from the city and about 45min from the twisties (sigh.)

    Dunno what our plans are for GP time, but I'm sure you'll get in on some of the NR party action.
  5. sweet, well looks like between the two of you, we're set for somewhere to stay in melbourne (which will be from the night of the 14th of Oct to the 18th or something).

    we will DEFINTELY be coming for melbourne coffee
    and will need a guide or two to show us your nice riding roads!

    anyone planning on hiring a house for the GP or something?
    we're probably NOT going to camp there due to bugger all carry space
    so maybe we can all get a big netride love house for the moto GP? lol
  6. great that you will get some holidays together after all.

    sadly, :(
    will not be able ride with you guys and return the favour on this occasion,
    as i will be riding in europe on those dates.
  7. you lucky bugger!!
    it's ok mate, we'll be sure to do more trips to melbourne after this one so we'll be able to ride together again!
  8. Now that's not so silly, I normally stay at a friend's house [but they are pretty boring don't even ride :shock: ] so might be interested if economical. :grin:
  9. cool
    what i'll do is look at accomodation on the island & see if there's a house or something we can hire/rent with a few rooms in it & see how many netriders we can cram into it!