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Edgelett's dad down but not out

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. I've never met Mitch but I like the sound of the bloke, he's getting on in years but he rides like a man possessed and keeps smuggling more and more exotic bikes into his garage without the permission of the missus.

    Anyway, Tash just emailed me to say he's in a bit of strife. Not an accident or anything, he was at work and just turned blue and dropped. Some sort of heart blockage cut off the blood to the poor bugger's noggin - and while the paramedics were very quick to attend, and the blockage has been dealt with, his brain may have been starved of blood for up to 15 minutes, so there's a strong possibility of brain damage.

    He's now breathing on his own, and they may try to wake him soon to see how the ol' necktop computer's handling things, but it's still a bet each way on whether he'll make it through.

    Naturally, Tash is absolutely frantic, and she asked me to let you lot know. So if you're the kneeling type, fire some good wishes skyward for Mitch, and keep Tash in your thoughts.

    Good luck mate, here's hoping you're up and about and wrapping your paws around the go-tube of that MV you were about to surprise the wife with in no time.
  2. thats not good news to hear, best wishes to Tash and her family. I hope Mitch has a full and speedy recovery
  3. Fark :shock:


    Postive healing vibes are being sent Westward. :angel:
  4. Positive thoughts on their way. Hope he makes it through it okay.
  5. Sending good healing vibes your Pa's way Tash. Maybe take him for a spin on the a Harley, that's bound to send soothing mechanical vibes aplenty and put a smile on the old boys face. :grin:
  6. Looks like they won't wake him today, they're gonna give him another 24 hours. Which means another day in limbo for Tash and the rest of the family before they know whether he's still, well, himself. :(

    I told her to ask him if he wants a Harley. If he says yes, shoot the bastard then and there, it's all over.
  7. Phark...that's terrible news, healing vibes being sent.
  8. Best wishes for a positive outcome for Edgelett's Dad.
  9. :cry:
    hope its a positive result for all concerned
  10. hello

    just wanted to say thanks for all your wishes/prayers etc

    And special thanks to those of you who've called me & tony..means a lot to us.

    tony (my boyfriend) is justa s upset as me. he lost his own dad a few years ago & dad treated him like a son so this is like losing his dad all over again to him.

    scariest thing is not knowing what's going on inside his head.

    I just want him to tell me he's ok

    they're going to try to wake him again today..3 days since it happened.

    will let you all know how it goes

  11. hope it goes well tash.
    thanks for taking the time for an update!
  12. sending love and best wishes to the whole fam. sounds like you need a bunch of netriders to hang outside his hospital windows and rev the fk out of your bikes to remind the old man what he's missing out on - he'll be back and with it in no time. hugs and healing to all, take care, c x
  13. Pray & hope it all goes well for you Tash.

    Thanks for taking the time for an update.
  14. Fingers and abolutely everything crossed for you, Tash. ...[I met you on the Black Spur when you were being lead around by Loz after the MotoGP.]

    +1 Carrie :LOL:
  15. Here's wishing for a positive outcome with ur Oldman edgelett.
  16. best wishes and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery
  17. We all want a happy ending for these folks.
  18. Sending prayers and best wishes your way Tash. xx
  19. Well after some pretty serious emotinal rollercoaster action, it seems the old bugger has fought his way out of what his doctors considered a pretty hopeless corner.

    He's awake and aware, he remembers everything up to when he passed out, and he's talking and laughing. Everything's very slow though, and it's going to be a rough road back to full noggin capacity, but as you'd guess, Edgie and her family are over the moon that he's back with them.

    So while there's a long way to go, it looks like there might be a happy ending on the cards... Just like Roger's last massage.
  20. Great news Loz. thanks for the update.