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Edgelett & Co come to PI and Melbourne

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Reason I'm posting this here rather than in the SA section, is cause most of our riding will be in Vic.

    On Tuesday 9 October, my boyfriend Tony & I will embark on our first ever trip to Phillip Island for the Moto GP. Our good friend Mark (AF2AF3) will be travelling with us for the trip, so it's a bit of a SA road trip.

    We're heading the long way there, along the Great Ocean Rd, and will be arriving at PI on Thursday the 11th of October. I have rented a house for the weekend, and all sleeping space is taken. i might have some floor space spare though!

    After that, we head to Melbourne until Thursday the 18th, when we will be returning to Adelaide.

    SO what i'm looking to do is:
    1) Catch up with as many mexicans as I can at PI and during our stay in Melbourne.
    2) experience some fine VIC roads
    3) maybe have a dinner or somethign on the Monday/Tuesday or Wednesyda night?
    4) I have some other mates in Melb to catch up with, so need to keep 1 night free to see them.

    I'll be taking many many photos during our trip, and will try to document the whole journey.

    So who wants to catch up with me and my baby?
  2. I'd love to meet you, Tash, but your best chance of meeting a lot of Netriders all in one place is to make Melbourne your first stop on WEDNESDAY night for the Netrider dinner!!!
  3. not sure if we're going to be in Melbourne on Wednesday the 10th......
    we might still be travelling
    But will put it to Mark today & see what he says!
  4. Oranising is well under way, with accomodation in melbourne all sorted thanks to the kindness of Loz & Cheng.

    we also managed to score a bargain last week - a friend bought a new FJR1300 (complete with panniers) and therefore no longer needed his tank bag& throw over panniers. So we took them off his hands for a nice sum of $150 for the lot.

    I then was given the bad news that my poor beautiful Hornet would be the bearer of all the extra carry weight, with my BF arguing that since his CB1300 would already be carryin a ventura rack & a backpack, there was no room on his bike for the extra gear.....

  5. I don't know what he is on about? The throw over panniers/saddlebags would fit even with the Ventura rack.and backpack. The CB would be more than capable of handling the extra weight, more so than your hornet. The performance of the CB would hardly affected.

    But hey...put them on, the Hornet will carry them well too. Work out what _you_ want to carry in them, then you become free to ride, whenever you like, with or without company.
    On Marls' ZZR-600 we have throw overs, a Ventura rack (with double zipped bags) and a tank bag, and it does still get allong quite well.
    We find the throw overs keep the weight lower on the bike than racks and don't affect the handling as much.
    Oh the front Ventura bag does get in the way when mounting and dismounting.

    Enjoy the ride.

  6. oh i KNOW they will fit

    he's just refusing to carry them
    cause he's being an annoying male! lol
  7. Can't wait to have you guys over here, edgelett. Only thing is, you may be sleeping around boxes cos we're getting booted out of the property end of October, will be doing some frantic packing.
  8. nah that's cool mate, no probs

    we're just happy to have somewhere to stay!
  9. so pack them full of your stuff and tell him to take his own luggage ;)
  10. that's most likely what will happen!

    his argument as to why he 'couldn't possibly' have them was this:

    'I don't want any more weight on my back wheel, it will make it hard to keep my front end down'

    as far as I'm concerned, this means I now have permission to ride to PI with my front tyre in the air the whole way due to the extra weight!
  11. looking forawrd to catching up with guys when you are across here after reading the road trip report loz post up you guys sound like alot of fun......

    p.s. if loz and cheng have no room for you guys due to packing/moving etc....shot me a pm and you are move then welcome to crash in the spare room

    cheers stewy
  12. well only 1 month to go, just paid the final deposit on the house so we're all set.

    All I have to do now is wait patiently for my tickets to arrive.

    this is a real life pic of me waiting patiently:


    they said 'end of august they'll be posted'

    then i rang them at the end of august and they said 'mid september they'l be posted'

    so i'm giving them till Friday before i call again.

    Good news though - my screen for the Hornbag has arrived, I shall pick it up after work. Woot!
  13. :woot: can't wait to meet you guys finally. we'll be at the NR dinner, or we'll just invade you at loz'n'cheng's (with their kind permission of course), or we'll see you trackside as we're heading down for the day. i'll pm you with mobile phone so we can make sure it happens one way or another. have a great trip guys - looking forward to stories and photos. lotsaluv, c x
  14. thanks carri, got your number & can't wait to meet up.

    The Hornet will be looking slightly different for the trip, got my screen yesterday & it looks pretty good. Will fit it on the weekend.

    won't be a permenant addition though.

    will find out today if we're going to be in Melbourne in time for the dinner.
  15. well - Tony fitted the screen for me.

    and it looks....like...



    shall do for the trip, but the instant we get back it's coming straight off.


    looks a LOT worse on the bike than it did in the picture on the manufacturer's website. didn't come with instructions either. so took a while.

    oh well - I spose you live & learn eh?
  16. Yeah the screen I had on the 9 made it look like a granny bike. It give me an extra 10kph or so at top speed, but other than that just directed the wind straight into my eyes when I had my chinpiece flipped up.

    I junked it post-haste. If you've got a bike that can do freeway speed without it, it's worthless even on a long trip.

    is there a thread for it somewhere?
  18. well the GP tickets arrived yesterday, so I am VERY relieved.

    have sorted out a house sitter for the pets while we're away.

    have 2 weekends to bring the Hornet to it's usual shinyness before it gets dirty on the road again.

    Tony says I'm not allowed to fill the entire ventura bag with cleaning products.
  19. well I have some bad news...2 weeks before we leave & Mark (AF2AF3) has had a fall on his bike.

    Here's the story:

  20. All the new bits are on the bike, radiator doesn't leak <<phew>>
    fairings are back on. I polished all the silver paint from the car
    off of the RH side. You'd hardly even notice.
    Once I took all the gravel dust off the LH side and polished that,
    it came up quite good, considering.
    A bit of black racing tape and a cable tie or two

    I'm ready to go

    Got half a tank of gas
    A full pack of cigarettes

    And a tinted visor

    The cop at Sturt said I was in the wrong too.
    Then he told me to hold out my left arm, and he slapped it and
    said "Don't do it again" Cool guy - owns a '67 Corvette