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Edgelett & band come to Melbourne!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. OK guys, it's all confirmed now!

    I'll be coming to Melbourne with my band The Irresponsibles for TWO SHOWS on September 19th & 20th. We're driving over thursday the 18th straight after work.
    It's just me and the band coming for the trip, no bike so I can't go for a ride with you all :cry:

    I'm REALLY HOPING i can catch up with you guys socially apart from the shows, but not too sure what day we're heading back yet.

    But here are the details anyway:

    The Irresponsibles with Quaker City Nighthawks (for those who don't know, this is Bluesuede's band! so that's TWO netriders, don't miss it!)
    Barley Corn Hotel
    177 Johnson St, Collingwood
    Entry is $5, the Quaker City Nighthawks are on at 10:30pm and we're on at 11:30pm.
    might be a good show for those who can't make it to Broadford to come to, since it's closer to town. this is our first show in melbourne so please make us welcome!
    and yes I'll have CD's available to buy..

    Broadford Race Track
    Hughie Hoare Fundraiser http://www.prestonmcc.com.au/hughie_hoa ... l_fund.htm
    there is a fundraising dinner at 6pm for $25 per head
    The band is on after the dinner, at approx 8pm.
    OR even better, come along for the two days of motorcycle racing!
    there will be people camping at the track, so come along & be part of the atmosphere. There's a thread in the 'racing' section on the race itself.
    This is going to be an awesome weekend - we really hope to see you there!

    anyway i'm giving you all this info now so you can have a think on whether you can make it to either show.

    Hope some of you can make it!
  2. Piss off, ya spammer! :p :grin:
  3. given a 1/4 of a chance I'll be at Broady!
  4. Trying to do both gigs, I reckon.
  5. Have you worked out what you are doing, after Broadford?
  6. Will definately try an be there on the 19th to see you and Bluesuede
  7. well on the saturday night, after the show, Miranda's dad is taking all our gear back to his house so we can stay on at the track & drink a bit with everyone socially (hard to do when you're playing show!)

    we're not going back to Adelaide till Monday, i'm catching up with some friends on sunday night & hoping to do some shopping sunday at some stage too
  8. Hey all...please do come along and show your support! Edgelett and her band are coming all the way from Adelaide for these two shows so don't miss out! Their CD sounds fantastic so it should be a great show :grin:

    Oh and yeah, we're playing too :p

    So Melbournites, clear your schedule for the 19th and rock along to the Barley Corn Hotel to see the Quaker City Nighthawks, and the headliners The Irresponsibles!
  9. See you at the Corn
  10. Why did you decide to play when I was housebound??? why???

    I'm sick of all these muso's deciding to gig now.... First Jeff Martin now you guys....
  11. sorry mate, just happens that you're housebound when the racing is on!
  12. Hmmm... methinks it is all part of Man's evil plans....
  13. Claire, have your baby now, today, and you should be right to come along.
  14. ok guys, in a few hours we head off!
    looking forward to seeing some of you over the weekend, bringing a stack of CD's for you all to buy lol.
    most importantly looking forward to some kick arse racing & having fun with my netrider crew.

    i'll txt loz to let him know we arrive safely cause i'll be off internet for a few days.
  15. Have a good and safe trip. Look forward to seeing you at Broady on Saturday arvo. Su
  16. Saw them last night. Edgelette, you are a top Rock Chick. Great Night.
  17. Thanks heaps. Hope you are all home safely. See you Tash at Mallala in late November. Su
  18. Yeah, Safe trip home, you Irresponsible lot.
  19. i'm back!
    thanks guys, had a great time, and did nothing irresponsible on the way home...oh except for that naked run through a field of Canola.
    (no i'm not joking)

    thanks again for everything guys!
  20. That sounds a bit irresponsible. Get any canola in ya corn'ola?