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Edgelett avoids road rage - narrowly!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Tuesday I got the call from the bike shop that my new indicators for the Hornbag are in (yay!) SO i left work early to head out & pick em up.

    On the way, I was approaching a set of light in the left lane, when suddenly a car in the right lane decided it wanted to be where I was. No indicator, didn't look, you know the story. Being the alert rider I am, I noticed this car suddenly go from stationary to hard left turn & hard acceleration into my lane. "Yikes!" I thought.

    So I grab my breaks, finger hard on the horn (that CB250 horn is really....lame) and the female driver of the car suddenly turns her head & notices me. She slams on the brakes so I counter steer around her front end, raise my hand in a "hey!! What are you doing!!" motion & shake my head.

    The woman starts calling out "Sorry! Sorry!" so I continue to a stop at the lights, shaking my head to myself. Next thing I know the car has pulled up behind me, and I can hear the woman still yelling, this time really aggressively.

    "I SAID SORRY!!! I SAID SORRY!!!" she's saying. I stare at her with my mirrors, raise my palm in an "ok" motion & nod my head to indicate I had decided to move on from the moment.

    Then I see her in my mirrors give me the finger & call out "You fcuking slut!" Well. I was pissed then. I put down my kick stand & turn on my seat so I'm staring straight at her. Now she's got her head leaning out the window & is shouting at me. "Can you not accept sorry? Can you not accept sorry? WHy can't you accept my apology?? fcuking bikers."

    People in other cars are staring at her like she's insane.

    I decide enough is enough & am about to turn off my bike & go have a chat with this abusive cow when the lights turn green. Now I'm more obsessed with getting my indicators than talking to this nutter so I simply ride away. As we cross the intersection, she pulls up along side me, gives me the finger, then hauls arse at least 30k's over the speed limit to get away from me.

    I pull into the bike shop thinking to myself "why on earth is a woman who nearly hit me so abusive at me?" Perhaps she's so mad at herself for not looking she decided to take it out on me.

    I'm only annoyed I didn't get her numberplate.
  2. Weird.

    Did she have big boobs? :grin:
  3. Ahhh, methinks she was having a "Guilt Trip" and instead of blaming herself she projected her guilt/rage onto the other party. Quite common in todays "Not my fault" world.

    Probably the same type of person who hits a car in a car park and then starts ranting at the two little kids in the backseat for "causing her it hit XYZ". WTF???

    Probably :LOL:

    Not that I've seen that before....... :rofl:
  4. I now have a mental image said woman grabbing edgelett by the throat on the ground sitting on top of her, pounding her fist into edgelett's face and saying "I SAID I WAS SORRY biatch!". (*whack*) "SORRY!" (*whack*) "SORRY!"

    Psycho gets off, walks away, has an attack of the guilts, turns back and says "Sorry for pounding your face". Edgelett murmurs something, but really it's just her coughing up her teeth. Psycho gets upset once more, thinking that edgelett is spitting her teeth up in defiance for not accepting the apology.

    (*whack*) "I SAID I WAS SORRY biatch"....
  5. Lol, edgelette, welcome to our world, the world of being a man. :grin: :grin:
    The amount of hours that you get to stand around thinking "Why is she yelling at me now??" and "Well I guess I had better just get out of here."
    Not to mention the infamous "What the fcuk is she on about now??" :grin: :grin:

    There is no point trying to understand it, just accept that it happens and try and deal with as best you can. Getting drunk after footy/cricket training always helps.
  6. Sounds like a lovely woman.
  7. Oh my god that's freaking HILLARIOUS!!! :rofl:
  8. Jealous of you in your sexy chick biker mode, methinks!

    Smart move to get out of their those South Australians are complete nutters!!!
  9. +1
  10. :rofl:

    Don't worry Edgelette. Just another nutcase forgetting to take her medication. :)
  11. Edgelett, glad to hear your ok...

    In this wild and wolly universe, theres only three things you can count on. Your brains, your bro's, and your bikes. (Yes, I'm shamelessly stealing that from my favorite cartoon as a kid!)
  12. Any chance that she may have been apologetic initially because she made the asumption that you were male?
    Perhaps then relised you were female and thought that she'd arc up a bit over it?

    Not saying that you don't look intimidating or anything.... :)
    Or that a woman is less likely retaliate...

    Glad that it was all smiles in the end. Well almost....
  13. As a girl she could occasionally count on her boobs, putting half of said counted items on one boob, other half on the other, thus counting half, then doubling, while seeing boobs. Win win for all really.
  14. I would love to see her face when you throw a bag of shit at her windscreen on fire, hehehe man sorry to hear about you incident. This shit happens alot hence why people lose mirrors. Its even better when u get to throw the mirror back threw the window.
  15. lol that is one crazy woman. what car was she driving and what nationality was she? i just want to avoid this lady next time when im out.
    it good that you rode away mate, who knows what she would have done next
  16. some silver hatchback
    and she was an aussie
    wearing a cap
  17. edgelett, i thought this was the norm. first they look guilty for almost killing you and then they abuse the s^^t out of you or laugh. I have become a very cynical person.
  18. i agree with about horns. bike horns need to be beefed up a bit. u have this monstor bike with deep grunting sound then u hoot at somone and it sounds like something from the wiggles.

    you did well to keep your cool, i wuld like to think i wuld of handled the sitution similarly but doubt it.
  19. i liked someone's suggestion here when Egiste copped some bad attitude from a cager: take out phone, pretend to photograph number plate and draw line across throat with finger :)

    mind you, who's got time to do that when lights are turning green and new indicators are waiting?

    sooooo..... how do the indicators look?????
  20. That time of the month, I guess.