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Eddie McGuire....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by evelknievel75, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. I don't appreciate anyone bagging out the Western Suburbs of Sydney, particularly some melbourne wanker....even if it is about that mexican sport and their new team out there.

    He better live here first before he starts in on all my fully sik bro's anywhere west of Strathfield.....
    ( i live on the northern beaches and resent what he said )

    If I see eddie anywhere in sydney, i will make sure he gets an earful, or at least a meat pie in the face....you have to live in sydney before you start criticising particular areas.....we wont stand for some melbourne wanker that most people in sydney dont know of ( i really dont know who he is ).

    who is he?
  2. Fair enough. In that case I'll say all of Sydney sucks :p.
  3. An odd comment from Eddie considering he grew up in Broadmeadows!!


  4. Broadmeadows is a bit like western sydney so he wasn't being wrong in that sense.
  5. I'm going to take the ops stance on this, have you guys ever lived in Broadmeadows? If not then no need to bag it. If you have lived here or experienced something negative that is a different story. I've lived here my whole life and have travelled thru much of Melbourne and there are worse places out there.
    Broadmeadows may have had a bad rep but that was a long time ago.
  6. Just some wanker who thinks being rich somehow makes him an expert on football. No-one here gives a shit what he thinks so I don't see any reason why you should. Life's not easy for people with an intellectual disability. Eddie's lucky cause he looks a bit slow but sometimes people still overlook his cognitive deficits when making judgements. Just pat his head and say "whatever Eddie". :)

  7. Now you are bagging western sydney
    I wasn't being uncomplimentary I was drawing parallels Western sydney is similar to Broadie in terms of it's makeup and culture.
  8. Seany who do you barrack for mate?
  9. Haven't been to Western Sydney and have no reason to bag it (By taking ops stance meant one shouldn't criticise a place he/she hasn't been to or experienced something bad from).
    I see what you mean.
  10. I'm starting to wonder whether Seany supports the Saints..... (y)
  11. Eddie did live in Sydney for a year or so, back when he was running channel nine.
  12. Carna' Swannies?
  13. *giggle*
  14. Just someone who thinks he is a lot more important than he actually is.

    I lived in Western Sydney (Shalvey) until I was 13 before moving to country NSW. It was a shithole then and Im sure its a bigger shithole now.
    Doesnt change the fact that Eddies a wanker though.
  15. I can't believe people actually took offence to that.
  16. Im a Sydneysider close to Blacktown and i fully agree with Eddie, get that fukced up sport out of Sydney
  17. I find all this and how people get sucked into taking this type of rant serious really funny....
    Recent topgear pissing off Mexico was hilarious!
  18. I'm a cats man. Not that it matters. I stopped paying any attention to football after the game went soft. Once upon a time tackling someone would win you posession of the ball. Now you get reported and the player caught with the ball gets a free kick after his Mummy brushes the mud of his new clean shorts.

    Football..., now a game for princesses. It seems to be more about money and modeling while your mates take homoerotic photos in hotels than anything else. [-(
  19. Pfft, nobody takes any notice of McGuire anyway.
  20. PFFTT a wanker who bags bikes anyway .:censored: