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Eddie for PM

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. His appointment as Ch 9 CEO will be announced on Ch 9 news tonight at 6pm. But, who doesn't think he'll continue onwards and become PM on day? :wink:

    His brother is a big mover and shaker in the political arena, and being CEO of 9 is a perfect move for both Eddie and Ch 9. It moves Eddie from TV celeb to serious business leader (he effectively already has that tag from leading the Pie's) .. and politics is sure to be next, under the wings of his brother.

    Go Eddie :)
  2. i hate Eddie!
  3. Better yet he could follow Steve Vizard's or Bondy's lead...
  4. he was already heavily involved in the republican movement so that's pretty much politics i'd say.
  5. NNNNOOOOOOOO please not eddie just imagine how many collingwood adds will be on the box :shock: And i really cant imagine the australian flag with black background and stars with inserts of nathan buckley chris tarrant and anthony rocca pictured :eek: Please save us from this horrid nightmare :p :p :p
  6. there is a reason channel nine suffered its worst ratings ever last year. and this year it has already not managed to get into the top 10...

    great move for eddie... we'll see how good for channel 9
  7. Business execs will pay heaps of advertising money to be able to smooze with Eddie .. it'll be good for 9 too.
  8. erch!! another reason not to watch TV.

    If im carefull i may never have to hear about him again.
  9. Channel 9 = Boooooo, old person channel.

    Eddie = Boooooo, arrogant, nepotistic preeeeeyick.
  10. yeh that was their plan with chisolm.


    maybe eddie is a good exec. will be interesting to see how they are going to turn it around... I'll throw him some kudos if they do
  11. fcuking eddie :evil:

    seriously, someone shoot that dipshit before it gets any worse :shock: its beyond help now, there is no turning back, he needs to die a horrible, horrible death before australia is subjected to a fate worse than death.....
  12. Hard to imagine a TV station giving up its BIGGEST on air talent to an exec role he is unproven in.

    UNLESS they are gearing up to sell the FTA networks again?
  13. It must be an Aussie thing to have sports personalities (a contradiction in terms) as TV presenters, regardless of whether they have talent. And be under no illusion, Eddie has no talent. Have you seen him on millionaire? He cant even read! I love it when the contestants correct his pronunciation, he goes mental the ratty little she-ite. The one good thing about his appointment is that we may see less of him, but will his ego really let him take a back seat? I doubt it.
  14. Yech - I cant think of anything worse...

    And now we cross to Parliament House for Question Time...

    PM. I address my question to the Honorable Leader of the Opposition...does he want to phone a friend?....we'll be back after the break....

    PM. ..and furthermore, Mr Speaker, I commend the budget to you. Mr Speaker, you can take the budget deficit and walk away...no pressure now... or would you prefer to play on for another 4 years?

    PM. ...and I remind the Opposition Spokesman for Employment of the firm policy position of this Government...Who gets to be a Millionaire?
  15. dont like him. he can be an absolute prick.
    Id vote for him if his policies were right... I dont vote someone in on his personality or looks :roll:
  16. I find him really really annoying, but one can't argue with his business record. Most things he's tied his business skills to have either turned around from loss making to profit making or have improved thier profit margins substantially.

    That may not make him a pleasant person, but it does make him a reasonable choice for CEO of 9 network.

    And to be honest... most CEO's aren't exactly renound for being 'nice guys' :)
  17. hopefully he will no longer be on our screen.
    :) That would be good news.
  18. Eddie McGuire: the ultimate triumph of form over function.