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Ecstacy at Techno Club

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by ResmeN, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Pablo Francisco

  2. I think he has confused ecstasy with testosterone or amyl nitrate
  3. Then you never had a Mitsubishi.
  4. They make ecstacy pills that contain ketamine in them which is horse tranquilizer. Maybe Pablo was on 2 of those.
    Or a Harry Potter, LG or Versace :)
  5. Those were the days.
  6. I gave it all up when the real Mitsis disappeared about 10 years ago, and while I still had a few brain cells left.
    MDMA isn't too bad for you in moderation, but there's f-all (if any) in pills these days.
    I wouldn't touch them...
  7. There was a drop in quality of drugs from the late 90's till today as dealers started stuffing around to increase volume.

    Sure were Luke.
  8. And that's the argument for legalising it. It's a fairly harmless drug if the strength and make-up is regulated.
  9. If they were to legalise it the gov could control the flow and make money on top of it too by taxing it.
    The biggest example is when ice came out which was thankfully after my phase all the dealers cashed in on it by putting additives in it to increase volume which caused all sorts of party goers being admitted to hospitals from taking nasty unpure stuff.
  10. Or a real one at any rate.

    It's been some time, but my hazy memory was that my brain was going way to fast to even think about being horny. Couldn't think about anything except strobe - thump - lazer - thump - lights - thump - strobe etc.