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Economic first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by simmbr, May 23, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Firstly, I have found this site excellent for first time bikers so good job. I'm sorry if this topic has already been covered before but there is alot of stuff to go through.

    I am looking to buy my first bike (am yet to get license but plan to next month) and with the way petrol is going I just have a couple of questions. What is the general fuel economy of 250cc bikes? Does anyone have a link of this stuff becuase it's not as easily found as cars.

    Also because most of the roads I would travel on to get to work are 100km/h zones, what is a 250cc bike that will travel well at this speed without over reving? How are they with fuel at 100km/h? Is it better to get a smaller or bigger bike at this speed?

    And also I would like a bike with a bit of speed in it if ones fits the above criteria.

    Thanks in advance
  2. For a 4-cylinder 250 you're usually looking at 5-6l/100km, for a 2 cylinder probably more like 3-4l/100km. Of course it'll depend a lot on how you ride it.
    If you're just looking for cheap transport a Kawasaki GPX would be worth a look, cheap on fuel yet still quite happy to do 100kph, and should still be able to manage 140 or so if pushed.
    Oh and if you want a bit more performance a GS500 is a good choice. Fuel economy is not much worse than a 250 since the engine won't be working as hard at 100kph - this also means more power in reserve for overtaking.
  3. I do a lot of freeway travel on my Kawasaki ZZR250.

    Easily travels to 120kph and gets about 3.9lt per 100kms
  4. My GS500 gets about 4-5L per 100KM. That's riding normally (i.e occasionally wringing its neck)

    Now that the engine has been run in i'm revving the gears out a lot more, will report once i hit reserve on this tank run.
  5. I had a GS500 a little while back and I'm sure it would have pulled 500km
    out of the tank... I just never wanted to take that risk
    but it would get to 450-60 before I would fill her up
  6. Jesus! How much did you baby it?? lol
    That's riding reserve out for a while right
  7. Around 5L/100km here
  8. Don't look at fuel consumption if you want a cheap bike. Look at maintenence costs, parts prices, tyre prices. Bikes use bugger all fuel in general, even a bad one will put you miles ahead of a typical car.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. My CBR250 uses around 4.5L-5L/100km riding around town. On the highways its more like 4L/100km
  10. +1 (previously at least)
  11. And even further ahead of a car that offers equivalent performance :grin: . Although that's less the case with a 250.
  12. On CB250 I consistently averaged under 3.5l/100km. On ER6 I seem to be using slightly over 5l/100km but I'm hoping to improve on this once the bike is fully run in. So as you can see, the differences are not large and as noted above, cost of fuel is one of the smaller factors in total cost of ownership.

    Your riding style will have a large effect on your fuel consumption. Whether the bike runs on regular or requires premium grades will also influence the cost.

    But it is true in roundabout way that the more frugal bikes will generally be cheaper to own in general. That's because generally speaking, less fuel use = less performance and less performance = smaller insurance premiums, and lower usage of consumables (tires, chains etc).

    Probably the greatest variable in cost of ownership is actually your age because that seems to make a HUGE difference in insurance quotes!
  13. get a turb busa
  14. hey''

    If you wait until 1st July LAMS comes in and look at a Suzuki GS500 or F

    And as before Kawasaki ZZR or GPX .

    your should get 4lt per 100k takeing it easy

    just spend some time on here and search search search '''

    then you have a place to start'''