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Eclipse Number Plate Blackout Frame

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fmu, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Opaque, flick, mounted switch, licence/license plate, LED, glass,
    panel, dark, tint...there, I think I've covered other possible search
    terms. If I've missed any please feel free to add them at the end
    of your comment in large quantities ("then I'd laugh cos I said
    titties" - guess the quote and hang your head in shame)

    Anyhooz, does anyone know any other places I can get these?
    Or, even better, the instructions to make them myself (unlikely).


    Oh, I think I just thought of some more: obscure, obfuscate,
    obstruct, hide, get fined, cops, speeding, then, *$#^ed, when,
    caught, using, the, above.

    Disclaimer: don't start a rant about legality - this is a simple question.
    I don't need your comments about using them unless they are
    practical considerations for fitting the equipment.
  2. Plate options :)

    Hi FMU,

    I would never ever use these :p but here are some other options!

    speedflip com/motorcycle.html

    phantomplate com/photoblocker.html

    Add the . as noob posters cant post links :p
    Hope this helps satisfy you hunger for knowledge of a purely theoretical add-on.
  3. Re: Plate options :)

    Your excellent links belie your noobishness... :LOL:
  4. Wow - that PhotoBlocker spray is pretty impressive. If it actually works like they say it does, that's gotta be the best option of them all.
  5. Why dont you just ask you mechanic to make & set up flip plates.
    Mine charges $100.

    Something similar to this:


    or simple attach ya reg back-to-front on the end of ya plate
    & push it across.

  6. Hmmm, good point MG, I wasn't sure about where to get that done. I suppose 'detectablility-wise' there wouldn't be too much of a difference between the flip ups and the opaque screen - both need switch/wiring and a battery (?). I'll look into it, thanks!
  7. Yep. & flip plates much cheaper option. Easy for someone with know-how
    to make. Just a matter of whether ya mechanics prepared to do it or not.
  8. Or attach plate with 2 cable ties. At speed, it lies horizontal. Falls down when you stop.
  9. only if your skillz are mad, of course.

  10. I have tried that twainharte, but my leg isn't double-jointed :grin:
    I'd prolly end up with my foot getting caught by the tyre and ... pain :shock: