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(Echuca to Ballarat) Can anyone suggest a good route?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by dane75, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. On February 2nd I have to ride from Echuca to Ballarat for a two day training thing.

    I was planning to go through Bendigo and noticed there are a couple of possible routes. I was hoping someone could suggest a route which will have some good roads and some nice twisty sections.

    If anyone is keen to come along for a cruise they are more than welcome also
  2. Echuca to Bendigo has very few options - it's all pretty much flat and straight. Nonetheless I'd recommend turning off the highway at Goornong and heading south towards Axedale - it's still flat and boring but there's very little traffic. From there follow the McIvor back towards Bendigo, but turn off at Junortoun and cut south to Strathfieldsaye.

    From there head south through Sedgewick and onto Harcourt (a very nice bit of winding road through the granite outcrops). If you're using Google maps be very wary of some of the windy roads it shows in that area though - they're actually the old aquaduct! From Harcourt head into Castlemaine (where there's an excellent noodle shop on the main street if you've timed it right for lunch ;)).

    From Castlemaine you could just follow the highway to Ballarat, it's not a bad bit of road. A longer alternative would be to head out of Castlemaine through Chewton, Elphinstone, and Malmsbury to Kyneton. Then head south through Tylden then turn right onto Trentham Falls road and follow it into Daylesford (again an excellent piece of winding road). From Daylesford just follow the highway to Creswick - it's not a bad bit of road provided you don't get stuck behind a farmer doing 20kph through the winding section (which usually happens every second time I go through there :evil: ).

    Just past the centre of Creswick is an alternate road to Ballarat (C291 or Bungaree/Creswick road) which is a lot more interesting than the main highway but still finds its way to Ballarat - I usually turn right off that road and follow the backroads past the White Swan but I've no idea what roads they are on the map. If you feel adventurous and see a sealed road heading off to the right - you could always try it and see where it goes :). Otherwise just go right when you hit the major x-road and follow it into Ballarat.

    Could probably suggest a few other options as well - I commuted between Fosterville and Ballarat every week for 6 months so have pretty much tried every route option. The one described was my favourite.

    Your training's not out at the Uni is it? If so feel free to drop by my office for a chat - would love to go for a ride but it's unlikely I'll have my bike finished by the start of Feb :(.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions jd, I put the waypoints into google maps, looks to be some good roads. I might have to head off on the Sunday instead and take more time to enjoy it rather than an early Monday morning start.

    Not sure where the training is at yet. It's being conducted by Telstra so I am guessing it will be in their building somewhere. I will have time to kill Monday night though
  4. Yeah it's worth taking the time to properly enjoy the ride, besides which many of those roads are Roo central in the early hours of the morning (especially the Goornong-Axedale road). There's a few places you can stop along the way to like Trentham Falls, the cidery in Harcourt (or not if you're still on L's ;)), the chocolate mill in Daylesford etc.

    Should be free that Monday for a chat over a beer or a meal - might be able to drag Damo79 along as well.
  5. Oh .. you said 'route'
    sorry misunderstood you :LOL:
  6. Damn.... you beat me to it :grin:
  7. The fact that you have not been burned as a witch yet really disappoints me.
  8. lol tell me about it... I think I got let off cause I work at a Telstra Dealer and not a Telstra Shop so I am not actually employed by Telstra.
  9. Down to Rochester then to Heathcote, Kyneton, towards Trentham to Daylesford. From there via Creswick...or Pootilla to Ballarat. Was a nice morning run to Ballarat.
  10. Echuca, my old home town, and Ballarat, where my grandparents lived.

    From Echuca, head out down the tip road (torward Kyabram), and about 5km out of town take the turn-off towards Nanneella down to Fairy Dell. Turn right at the Kyabram-Rochester Rd, then left onto the Heathcote-Rochester Rd which is just before you get into Rochester's outskirts.

    Follow this to the end, which will take you to the Midland Hwy. Turn left (towards Shepparton), and then right again about 500m further along to take you south again towards Heathcote (still called Heathcote-Rochester Rd). This takes you past Lake Cooper to your left. You then get to some nice sweepers before being dumped out on the Northern Hwy, just to the north of Heathcote. Go through Heathcote to Tooboorac, and turn right there onto the Lancfield-Tooborac Rd. When you get to Lancefield, turn right onto the Lancfield-Woodend Rd, and follow it through to Woodend. Turn right onto the Calder and then left again quickly and head towards Daylesford via Tylden.

    From Daylesford, head south through Sailors Falls and Spargo Creek, and turn right onto Bungaree-Wallace Rd. That'll take you to Wallace, about 12km to the east of Ballarat on the Western Fwy.

    Just my suggestion (edit: and mirroring Grey Gentry's above, which I didn't see until just now).
  11. Yep that's also a good option. The bakery in Heathcote directly opposite the tourist info centre is worth a visit if going that way, by far the best I've ever been to in Victoria (their pies in particular are f*&kin awesome, especially after a long ride).
  12. Or you could turn off at Bendigo and head through Maldon, Newstead, Smeaton, Creswick, and then take the Bungaree / Creswick road to Pootilla. At Pootilla, turn north again for 3 km's and stop and say a prayer at the church at Clarkes Hill where I got married!

    The Maldon way is usually very quiet traffic wise and passes through some bush, granite country and open farming. I have driven this road dozens of times and have never once seen a copper on the road. There's a great pie shop in Maldon, too.

    The turnoff jd is talking about is Madderns Road. From the Creswick/Bungaree Road turn right into Madderns Road (just near the CFA shed) road is straight for about 1500m then turn left into Clarkes Road (Madderns Road goes straight ahead but turns into a gravel road). Along Clarkes Road for about 2-3 kms and veer right into Springs Road just past the White Swan Reservoir. Springs Road takes you into Brown Hill where you join the Ballarat Daylesford road C292. By this stage you are well into Ballarat suburbia.

    I grew up not far from this area and know these roads well. My outlaws live on Clarks Road.
  13. Yep that's the one. Almost been caught out on there when I've misjudged how long the road is and suddenly found myself with the choice of gravel or a 90 degree left hander.

    Fogarty's Gap road is a good way into Maldon from Bendigo, just be very wary of where it joins the Bendigo-Maldon road - what looks like a side road actually has the right of way and it's all too easy to just go straight through the giveway sign without noticing it.
  14. Thanks for the replies fellas, I think I'll have to go Bendigo way up and Heathcote way back.

    How long ago did you live in Echuca FLUX?
  15. I'd go the Heathcote, Kyneton, Ballarat route.

    Beware of Skippy and his mates either side of Heathcote and in a few areas between Kyneton & B'rat if doing an early or late run.

    I had to drive up to Echuca & Ararat just before Christmas and nearly took out the biggest peac0ck I've ever seen between Kyneton & Heathcote at 8am in the morning.