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VIC ECE Helmets legal

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TheEvilPenguin, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Did anyone get wind of this coming? I hadn't heard anything about it and suddenly they're legal.

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  2. Yes, but not expected until the end of the month! NSW next.......???

    Pages 1720 and 1721 here
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  3. Wicked news!
    My bro lives in Italy and they have a way better range of helmets for a fraction of the cost we do!
    Will have to pick up something when I'm there next!

    It also means we will be able to use helmets like schuberth too now I believe!
  4. That's great. Just wish I'd heard it was coming. Would have saved me some coin a couple of months back maybe.

    Still, great news!
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  5. Hopefully Schuberth will open in Australia now
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  6. Nice! I wonder what this means for visors.
    I'm assuming this means the AS helmets still need a stickered visor? Does ECE have a similar standard for visors?
  7. Yes Vic indicated at the helmet forum they were monitoring the developments and would act, Tas has indicated in letter to me they are also looking at it and would expect to follow the lead of other states, I have a positive letter from WA and their rep at the helmet forum seemed to have no problem with the change, I also have a positive letter from the NT who seem to have more commonsense than the rest

    The visor situation is slightly improved with UNECE but in europe they have a problem with non compliant visors in the marketplace and the inner visors are not part of the current UNECE spec. They have at least recognised the need to work out testing and approval systems for the newer visors

    There is still some work to be done but we should all thank Guy Stanford, Chris Burns and all the others who have worked to achieve change, join your local State MRA's so they have the funds to get representatives to meetings where they can achieve change

    Now we need to get all state regulations pointing back to the Commonwealth
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  8. Well with the States falling into place on ECE, you'd think the industry would be putting some pressure to get CPN 9 revised to give them some hope of salvaging some part of their helmet business.
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  9. There is one dominant player in the market who pleaded not to change from AS1698 at the helmet forum, it came out that 50% of his offroad sales are to Kids MX and he pleaded think of the kids, I mean it is the kids who benefit from a lighter helmet such as UNECE. The same individual has also been behind the push for local onshore batch testing for all helmets. This is despite the fact there is clearly a conflict of interest as he acts as both a manufacturer and an importer where competitors are predominantly importers and so you would expect the major Mfr's would have batch testing in place

    As for CPN9, I heard the ACCC has made enquiries to gauge rider association outlooks and that there is some form of doc in the hands of the minister but I am not in that loop, I am a loose canon and happy to remain that way
  10. Outstanding! I've been eyeing off a Shark Vancore for quite a while now. Just read this and pressed the Purchase button. Happy days! :)
  11. the standard for transmittance etc seems to specifically take into account the traffic light colours as well, seems well thought out..
    80% for clear
    50% transmittance if marked "daytime use only" is permissible..

  12. Re the question of how the Vic regulations are brought into being

    The road rules specify rider must wear helmet and the standard of the helmet is specified under the following

    Road Rules 2009 - 407 (Part 22)

    Corporation may declare or approve items for the purposes of the Road Rules

    The Corporation, by notice published in the Government Gazette, may declare, for the purposes of these Rules--
    (d) a motor bike helmet to be an approved motor bike helmet;

    The above was Gazetted on 6/8/15 in General Gazette G31

    See page 1720 in the gazette (search for helmet is easiest)

    So yes all the I's have been dotted and the T's crossed as of today it is in fact in place
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  13. I knew early last week it was coming and mentioned it to Rob from the VMC. I'd been speaking to someone from Vicroads about it and other things and he filled me in on their plans. I also understand SA will follow reasonably quickly. NSW is coming, but was held up first by the Standards Australia Forum in February that many people seemed think was about finding a resolution, but as I said at the time, it was a stalling tactic to stop change, and then by the state election. It's coming though. My understanding regarding the other states mimics what WayneC said above about Tas, WA and NT.
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  14. Victoria Police wish to advise of an urgent threat to public safety - Common Sense has escaped from Protective Custody and is currently on the loose.
    It is believed that Common Sense poses a significant threat to the social order and should not be approached under any circumstances. Citizens who believe they have encountered Common Sense should report to the nearest police station for interrogation and re-education. It's for your own good.
    A task force has been set up to co-ordinate the search for Common Sense and to minimise disruption to the local economic system that it may create.
    Citizens are warned that fraternising or assisting Common Sense is a crime and will be dealt with sternly by the justice system.
    Don't panic. Go about your business as though nothing has happened until Common Sense is once again safely behind bars. That is all.
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  15. Well said Titus

    You should however notice that commonsense still has a few rough edges

    Vic still have the most long winded and incompetent regulation of any State by far

    In addition they have removed all references to ACCC CPN9 and made AS1698-1988 helmets imported and approved in the 1990 TO 2007 period illegal as they are now required to have "An Official Standards Mark" which was not in existence from roughly 1990 onwards

    The really good news (although an unintended one) is they have made UNECE 22.05 approval retrospective to 2000 so anyone who was fined for wearing a UNECE 22.05 helmet between 2000 and now should immediately demand a refund of the fine. (see the notes in their regulations on this)

    All up it is yet another example that the State Regulatory bodies are not capable/competent of drafting helmet regulations and all States should simply refer to one national regulation
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  16. so umm..... where can i try on a Schuberth?
  17. who?
  18. Been legal for these helmet types in Qld since Feb 2015, so just have to figure a way to ride from the Gold Coast to Wodonga without going through NSW to stay compliant with NSW law....one big ramp at either end and a hell of a run up!
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