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WA ECE Helmets coming soon

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by middo, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. After Victoria had ECE helmets suddenly mad legal at the end of 2015, I emailed Dean Nalder, who turned out to be the wrong politician for helmet standards. However, today I received the following reply from Liza Harvey:

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  2. Sorry for the size of the image. Couldn't work out how else to get the letter into the message :(

    But ECE helmets in a number of weeks! :)

    And I need a new lid soon.
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  3. Excellent news (y)
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  4. Good stuff. It's hard to believe it was only about 3mths ago we were still in the AS1698 deadlock, and now ECE 22.05 is now allowed across the whole western, northern and eastern seaboards with only SA and TAS to go. Huge 'well done' to the national and state riders' associations for all their work bringing this about.
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  5. Yes, as I mentioned last week & a few months ago in the traps. Great to have it confirmed thank you.
    From what I understand, there is a federal initiative happening as well :)
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  6. Inevitable once the ACCC gave it the nod.