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eccy's and pingers?????

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. In Memory of Annabel Catt RIP

    I am a parent of a 21 year old boy, a 19 year old boy and a 16 year old girl that had close connections with Annabel and her recent death after the good vibration day at centennial park in Sydney.

    My eldest went to this "celebration" event and just about everyone was on eccy's (or as the locals around here now them as "pingers")

    He also said that the event was set up for pingers as bottled water was $10 each and was dearer than the alcohol. Profiteering?????

    Anyway, he "forbid" my daughter for going and for that I thank him.
    I know this may sound naive, but I believe from all the goings on at our house (and we are extremely aware of how rife pingers are in our area) that we have probably one of the few drug free houses in Avalon! Now THAT is a big statement I know and a lot of you will be saying "bloody delusional parents" but believe it or not, the local boys use our house as an oasis from thier drug taking to such an extent that one of the more "popular" boys turned his phone off at 12 o'clock because he didn't want to be harrassed and we know of just about all the goings on in the area. The "bad" kids see our house as an escape and can often open up. I am not so sure that all this knowledge is a good thing.

    The reason for our kids stance on drugs, is the eldest was an excellent representative soccer player and respected his body and instilled this in his siblings.

    His brother excelled in sprint kayaking and represented Australia in a World Cup in Europe so has always been subject to WADA testing and is violently opposed to drugs!! If any of his mates even light up a joint in his car, he goes off. But he is so well respected by ALL of his friends and peers.

    My daughter is one of Australias top dancers for her age and has been going to Brent Street dance school ( in a full time Talent Development High School section) for the past 3 years and is now in a full time course at that school. She knew Annabel and the whole school is so shocked and suprised of her demise. It is not to blame for this recent event as drugs are everywhere and Brent Street is constantly running lectures.

    My eldest son went to school with Annabel and he says that she was not a drug taking girl at all and is convinced that sadly this was here first try.


    The point of all this rambling is that even though I may be considered an oldie, I have first hand knowledge of what drugs, and in particular chemical drugs, can do to f@#k up a life.

    I grew up in Avalon in the sixties, seventies and eighties and in those times, experimenting with drugs was rife.

    We were all surfers and one of my worst memories was three of my closest friends turned onto heroin while I was away on a family holiday with my mum and dad!!! All now dead!!

    A lot of my friends went the LSD way and while they didn't die etc, when they hit 40 odd, they are all going schitzo!!

    I hardly used anything and was acutely aware what was happening, but was still one of the Av boys and loved by all.

    You just don't know what you are taking!!

    This current generation is under all sorts of pressures and are turning to eccy's in numbers that will astound you (no stats available) and further down the years I really hope that their minds stay intact for eveyone's sake.

    The consequences of taking pingers are a big risk of future brain misfunctions or sadly in the recent events, death.

    I just need to get all this off my chest and I expect a number of netriders will just deride my thoughts.

    I am not looking for any debates etc, but are just putting out my scary thoughts and hope that my kids (local boys and girls included) will get through this unstable period of their lives.

  2. Mate,
    There's no derision coming from me!!
    I resepct you for being so open about, what is obviously a fairly personal issue, considering your kids association with the poor girl.
    I guess most of us has "experimented" to some degree. I know I did. But certainly nothing Hard.
    I guess I was able to recognise the potential for consequences when it comes to hard drugs.

    A good read and you should be proud of your kids, not as a parent, but as an individual who can respect their ability to make informed decisions.

  3. yer mate. I hope you are right and your kids are drug free

    speaking of what you take when you use drugs... we have a 3d printer, it makes a solid model out of a 3d image.
    the white powder used in the process comes in very large box and states "not to be cut with drugs"
    my sisters boyfriend used to say to me "nah man my dealer only gives me the best grade stuff"
    he was 10 different types of stupid.
    How prevalent must it be for a completely unrelated company to be forced to print a warning on printing powder!
  4. Yonks ago eccy's actually had real MDMA in them, the streets where calm & the parties were memorable, sadly for the younger people of today there is nothing but crap in today’s pills, I’d rather walk a minefield than touch what’s out there.
    It has been revealed that crap called PMA was found in that poor girls system.
  5. No offence, but you live on the northern beaches, and you are concerned about drugs?
    Mate, the northern beaches have been one of Sydney's drug meccas since I was in high school, which is over 20 years ago now.
    I am always amazed (and no offence to the original poster) at relatively wealthy suburbs/regions, and how teh parents tend to turn a blind eye and not discipline/ guide their kids properly, and then, when it all starts going wrong, start pointing fingers at drug dealers, event organisers etc.
    Where were the parents when teh kids needed to talk to someone, when they needed guidance, when they needed a role model? Working another 90 hour week? Busy enjoying their social lives?
    It takes a whole community to stand up to this sort of thing, it's no good people saying "oh it's bad" and then nothing further happens. I guarantee if every parent made a stand it would stop very quickly.
    YEs its a terrible thing that's happened, but I don't think you can blame peer pressure, instead, you should blame the kids friends (and ultimately their parents, who are probably loaning them the money) who are buying the drugs and reselling them to their friends.
    Forget legal avenues, beat teh crap out of them and tell them to go elsewhere.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. lol, wtf? Don't blame peer pressure, but blame the pressure exerted upon them by their peers? :-s I'm confused...:-k

    As for the rest of your post, it appears that you have completely misunderstood the OP.
  7. :LOL: beat me to it.

    yeh Typhoon that was a pretty bizzarre post,
    I'll gaurantee that if parents made a stand against drugs pretty much nothing would change.
    and beat the crap out of who btw? the friends?
  8. No offence taken at all and it is true that the northern beaches were/are the drug mecca..................I posted such in the original and I was very much amongst it...............can't help where you grow up but I can tell you that Avalon had a lot more fibros and tradies than the media would like you all to know and in that respect we were and are very down to earth.

    I can't speak for the latte blow in society!

    But this is not a suburb bash, but just a post trying to point out the dangers of the drugs available.

    Annabel was reportably found with a purer form of pinger (without the crap) was a virgin user and simply couldn't handle it.

    By the way, my kids tell me the police have made an arrest of the (last) dealer!

    It's amazing how the grapevine works!!!!

  9. Yeah Jeff, there is some crap out there and the kids just don't get it :evil:

    This is a little too close to home at the moment with an 18, 15 and 13 year old. It's the 18 year old that has the least sense :? .

    I have had first hand experience with the dealing side and the life that goes with it.

    I now have a meth head for a brother (instead of a dealer :evil:) and haven't seen him in 15 years because of his inability to come back into Victoria.....his loss :roll:

    I have another sister-in-law that has been left a vegetable from the age of 29 because of a drug overdose. She is now 42 and her children have been severely traumatised because of her actions.

    So I have seen the devastation it leaves behind, my parents are still suffering and only get to see my niece and nephews once or twice a year. Unfortunately, these kids don't have a future either.

    I am very anti drugs, always have been and always will and will do what I have to to get another dealer off the streets.
  10. Grrrr wrote a whole page then deleted it.

    My bosses son was killed in a car accident on sunday, in an office of 6 people THAT hits home.

    Saw him Tuesday and he's a broken man at 40 years old.

    Dosent matter what the reason they die, we are not suposed to bury our kids.
    Love them with all your heart, protect them when you can, but some times lifes just fuked up.
  11. Hey crusingal,

    It is not the "minor" dealers that are the problem (only a small part and replaceable), but the guys that are the real profiteers at the production and the initial supply that need to be locked away.

    The minor guy has a mask of thousands and the only chance of change from my end that I try to do is at the victims end!
    The local "bad" boys all come to our place (and I better stress NEVER to take drugs here!) and my wife is like a damn preacher sometimes whereas I try and take the "what happens later" route which seem to have a better result. The sad thing is, all these so called bad boys are really great guys!

    If more parents out there got their heads out of the sand and talked to their kids openly and honestly without a threatining manner, or fear of reprisals, they might get somwhere with what I believe will be a major community problem in 20 years or so!
  12. im really sorry guys, but i have a bit of an opinion on drugs of all kinds.
    i am only sorry because i am surely going to challenge my own integrity on this very forum.
    lets start off with the fact that to this day, nobody has openly judged me or any of my actions in a massively critical way, and for that i am thankful.

    but peer pressure? FFS, get with reality people, there is no specific BAD kid that forces our own to try new things.

    the kid that generally gets the blame pinned upon them has parents too, and they probably think the world of them just like you and i think of our own.

    it is the curiosity and availability that makes these things happen.

    never, ever, in my entire life have i had someone suggest to me that i indulge in a drug of any type. the times that i have chosen to take drugs, i have actually had to FIND them.
    ....springs the question, am i a superhuman that is "out of the loop"?

    dooods, i am sure without going in to it, paul, vic and seany could vouch that the loop is tightly around me and has been all my life.

    i am extremely envious of those that can lead a pure life (pure by not participating in illicit drugs) but as with road rules, in our minds there is always an extent to which we make a conscious decision to bend them.

    i dont condone or encourage drug use.
    any form of drug use HURTS

    aaarrrrrgggghhhhh.....pm me if you wanna know more but i wont reply to idiots.

    sorry jeff, this is not directed at you ;)
  13. Jeff: I understand that there are all the in-between ones, but they will lead back eventually to the source (albeit there are heaps in between :evil: ).

    And what is it with these normally sane and sensible kids that believe that it comes from a 'reliable' source. As I told my son, they may trust who they are getting it from, but unless they were there during the manufacturing process who knows what other shite is in it and how many hands it has passed through :mad:

    Unfortunately, I don't think some of them are going to realise the dangers until it hits (close to) home. The 'it won't happen to me' attitude :cry:

    We are very open with our kids, which is why we know what is going on. He actually told me, even knowing my stance on drugs. It's frustrating not knowing how to get it to sink in to them :cry:

    Joel: I had a whole page written here for you but ended up deleting it :roll: . Briefly, everybody makes their own life choices, whether it is to smoke, use drugs etc. Some 'may' have feel pressured to try it, but it is their decision if they continue to use it and they shouldn't be placing blame on anyone else. They need to own their actions.

    I don't know your history, and don't really need to know. I have seen your (many) posts :wink: and your willingness to help others (specifically NADS), and this speaks volumes about you nature. You are a good man in my eyes :grin:

    Woodsy, if you need me, you know I am at the other end of the phone anytime (hugs).

  14. Terrible news about Annabelle and may she rest in peace

    I just googled Anna Wood and it has been over 11 years since she passed away at only 15. She lived a few suburbs away from Annabelle.

    My first disappointment is that there must be street kids dying all the time, yet they never make any news headlines because of who they are.

    Drugs, well they've always been around and no doubt bad batches of recreational LSD and speed 20, 30 and 40 years ago which also led to deaths.
  15. My mother has been in the medical profession all her life up till her retirement. When we began secondary school she instilled in my sister and I it was very bad to even try. You know that some batches of ectasy have minute fragments of glass in the mix. The purpose of this is once digested, the glass makes ruptures in the lining of the stomach causing minute bleeding so the drug can be absorbed into the blood system very quickly giving the user a faster rush. The problem with this is that the minute bits of glass are now in the blood vessels. When the user is hyped up from dancing raising heart rate these very tiny glass particles cause tiny nicks in the blood vessels in the brain setting up the user for premature strokes inlife. Very terrible stuff.

    I had an older friend a few years ago (I dont associate with for 12 years)who I'd train at the gym with. He had been in prison many times from an early age. He was a very powerful and aggressive violent man whom had a very flirtacious girl friend for many years. When they first dated, her male friends would offer her drugs unfortunately in front of him. He'd punch and kick them to the ground and whilst unconscious on the ground still beat and kick them till an inch of their life as a result them spending several weeks in hospital and not the same again. This happened several times and made a very powerful statement to her and the drug consuming friends. She never took drugs whilst they were together and the drug consuming/encouraging friends knew very well to not include her in their consumption.

    This worked...and very very well I might add. Police were involved on occasions from reports from hospitals staff but charges were never pressed.
  16. I guess we were/are lucky with our kids. I know that one of them was a regular smoker. The munchies wrappers and mums garlic shredder on the back floor of her car were a bit of a give away, but we have always had the pleasure of being able to talk openly with our kids and we are confident that they never moved on to anything stronger than a bit of dope.

    I grew up in the 60's & 70's and things like marijuana, hash oil, buddha sticks and even LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) were fairly easy to find and a lot easier to get away with (no sniffer dogs). Shit even blow (cocaine) was relatively easy to find if you knew who to ask.

    You rarely went to a concert without at least having a bit of smoke with you, have you ever tried to listen to Pink Floyd or Madderlake while straight? It was always believed that marijuana increased your sensitivity to colors and music, one of the reasons it was dubbed the psychedelic era.

    Don't get me wrong I'm not condoning drug use, just making the point that it was and always will be a part of society. The unfortunate thing is that now we have party drugs being manufactured by lesser primates who don't give a rats arse if the end user lives of dies. The reason for this is a never ending supply of new users.

    Drugs are bad, but alcohol and speed kill more of our young than drugs ever will. I'm just glad I'm not going through adolescents now, the pressure to succeed, the earning potential of some of the younger people, the need to keep up with your mates and just being cool .... I'm also glad that our kids are longer children and have survived that part of their lives.

    And Jeff, keep up the good work, it sounds like you your tribe have a good relationship.
  17. Good topic Jeff!

    I'm not sure how you raised your kids exactly - but you prolly did a decent job, it would seem :)

    I'm 22 and have a sister 2 years younger - my parents have always been incredibly supportive of our choices, and my mother has particularly been of the opinion that we should have all reasonable freedoms such as whatever hair style/colour, tattoos, piercings, clothes, music, etc. that we like.

    Friends of hers have asked why and she says "I don't care as long as they aren't out screwing around and doing drugs."

    I think that's a fair view, and one I will probably have if I end up raising my own kids... I do have a question though:

    How do your kids use alcohol and how do you view it?

    I suppose the irony is with all the freedom in the world, my sis and I grew up pretty straight arrows anyway - but we've done our fair share of drinking and partying. Particularly me as I was a bloody boring kid in school :p

    Just curious as to your thoughts - my parents had what may seem a strange approach to my sister's underage drinking - buying her alcohol to take to parties as they figured a 4-pack of breezers or other mixed drinks are a safe buzz compared to a bottle of vodka or whatever gives you the most bang for buck that other kids are pinching from the liquor cabinet in secret.

    No ones friends are stupid enough to say "Oh, yeah man, she loves it, she gets out there every weekend & writes herself off & doesn't sleep for two days. Oh, did you know she also smokes Ice? Takes Acid? Has a couple of charges of G to wash her lines of Coke down?"

    Look, I see where you are coming from & yeah, it's bloody terrible that she's passed away with her whole life ahead of her & after everything she has achieved.

    But no one in this World is stupid enough to tell their best friends parents that their daughter has been taking drugs for months/years whatever.

    & people forcing other people to take drugs? That's absolute rubbish. Not that I know everyone in this World, but if she has "great" friends, like has been said in the paper, they wouldn't force her to do drugs & you can't force someone with a mind of their own to do something they DO NOT want to do.

    There's so much information out there on drugs, internet sites dedicated to them & pill testing, pill testers you can buy in stores, to find out what you are more than likely about to take, in Victoria we have an organisation called Ravesafe, wherein they set up a stall at parties & test drugs FOR YOU.

    You can't blame drugs, only stupidity.
  19. Not so strange Ktulu. Quite a few parents, myself included, will buy their 16 yr olds a few or four vodka cruisers before dropping them off at a party.

    I'd rather her take her own drinks than be sitting there having someone pouring her up whatever's going. She's happy with that - appreciative of it - but I also know that if a friend of hers offered her another drink, she'd happily take it. This may or may not have already happened. I'm not there so I wouldn't know. When I've picked her up in the morning she seems fine - no sign of a hangover although she's a bit tired and grumpy from lack of sleep.

    She is an outdoorsy type of girl though. She looks after her body - and has a good deal of self confidence. She has a great bunch of friends who are all on a similar wavelength to her, she's educated on the effects of drugs and has seen first hand (with my family - esp. sister and brother) what drugs can do to a person/family....although that doesn't stop me from worrying about her - she's at that age where if at a party someone offered her a tablet she might be curious enough or rebellious enough to say 'stuff the consequences' and in the heat of the moment, take the bloody thing.

    There's only so much a parent can do.

    And I also recall doing some stupid things (never drugs though) when I was a teen. Hell, I was pregnant at her age.

    I think my family put her off drugs and I think I put her off teen pregnancy.

    Lol. I hope so anyway. ;)

    I also remind myself that she's going to be fine. I have that gut feeling about her and the other two. :)
  20. & what parents can do these days is not like yesteryear; & parents rights/roles
    will continue to decrease thru the following generations.